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Law Firm Operations

Litify: The Right Solution for Every Law Firm

Team Litify
Law Firm Operations

Litify: The Right Solution for Every Law Firm

Team Litify

The legal industry is vast—there are roughly 40,000 law firms in the U.S. today. No two firms are alike, which is why the industry requires a platform that is customizable and can accommodate the large differences (like law firm type, practice areas, and size) as well as the minute differences (processes, product integrations, KPIs, and the like) which make each firm unique.

Enter Litify.

With Litify’s extensible platform, built on Salesforce, law firms don’t have to worry about trying to fit their operations within one standard interface. With customizable features, an endless list of product integrations, and the ability to easily add users as you expand, Litify will mold to fit your unique needs.

Which Types of Law Firms Does Litify Support?

Short answer: All of them.

After a successful track record equipping some of the largest personal injury firms in the country with Litify, we’ve now branched out to service all law firms, including:

  • Plaintiff
  • Immigration
  • Defense
  • In-house counsel
  • Government agencies
  • Criminal

Why is Litify The Right Solution for My Firm?

Transparency, efficiency, insights, and best-in-class security

1. Matter Management

Manage each of your cases the right way, every time.

Build matter plans relevant to each case type. Establish a consistent sequence of tasks for each litigation stage, assign each task to a team member, and set a level of priority. See “next steps” and view completed tasks, or filter all tasks by assigned user. This ensures everyone in your firm knows exactly what’s expected of them and when, and enables leaders to monitor workload across the organization.

From one matter, you can view and manage associated events, documents, call logs, emails, time entries, and more.

2. Document Management

Lawyers know all too well the importance of saving document trails. And the sheer amount of agreements, communications, records requests, and evidence that attorneys handle every day makes efficient document management a must for any firm that wants to be successful.

With Litify, create custom templates or use suggested Litify templates for commonly used documents like records requests, agreements, and motions to compel.

Review, edit, and download multiple docs without leaving the matter, and use our one-click print feature to save even more time. And with Litify Inbox, you can easily send, save, and edit email docs between Litify and Outlook, without having to log in and out of either program.

3. Collaboration Made Easy

Built on the cloud, Litify allows multiple employees to view and edit the same record. Don’t worry about duplicating efforts or miscommunication—see exactly what your colleagues are working on, and get the most accurate status updates for each matter.

Litify’s Chatter feature allows your team members to easily discuss a particular matter, task, or record. Tag other team members, “like” other comments, share links, and more, all within Litify.

4. Time Tracking

Make billing a breeze by tracking the time you spend on each matter within Litify.

Use the stopwatch feature to track time spent on a matter in real time. Or, manually enter time spent on a matter, specify the billable rate, the billable party, and add a description of the work performed.

5. Real-Time Analytics

To succeed in today’s data-driven world, every business needs to be able to harness their data to make intelligent business decisions.

Customize dashboards and reports to quickly view:

  • Matters: by case type, litigation stage, assigned attorney or paralegal, and more
  • Open tasks: by Litify user and priority level
  • And more: each Litify user can customize their dashboard to show the data most relevant to them

6. Email sync to CRM

Litify Inbox allows you to integrate Outlook with Litify.

Without leaving Outlook, save emails, entire email threads, and documents to a matter. Create new tasks or log a call from Outlook, and automatically sync it with Litfy. Or write a new email and quickly find and attach a document from a specific matter, without having to switch programs. Litify Inbox also allows syncs with your Outlook calendar, so you can save events created in Outlook to a specific matter in Litify.

7. A secure environment

Built on the cloud, Litify offers users all of the security benefits that come from moving off of an on-premise solution. This includes data redundancy across multiple offsite servers, all of which are protected by around-the-clock security. This ensures your firm never has to worry about losing your data in the event of an emergency or disaster—there will always be a backup.

Litify is also supported by two-factor authentication—a more secure way to log in than just using a password—and data encryption in transit and at rest, so that in the unlikely event your data does get into the wrong hands, it will be impossible to decipher without a key.

Discover all of the ways in which Litify can transform your firm. Schedule a free demo today!

Team Litify
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