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Connect your team across departments and start improving business outcomes with the most flexible, secure legal operating platform.

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How legal professionals automate their day

Litify automates busy work to save your staff time on repetitive tasks, so they can focus on getting the best client outcomes.


How legal teams collaborate to close matters

Litify brings your team onto one platform to collaborate online and access important information in real-time that improves team performance.


How the entire legal community connects

Litify connects all legal professionals across firms and corporate legal departments so that each party can work together toward a fair outcome.


Hear what our customers are saying

Litify allows us to go places that would take us 5-10 years to get to in the next couple of months thanks to the automation. We’re very excited to be using a tool that puts us on the cutting edge of the legal industry.

Sam Pond, Owner

We chose Litify because we recognized that the right solution for a firm like ours is one that is both the best solution for our firm today and will be the best solution for our firm in 10 years from now.

Eric Boyer, Managing Partner

We are pleased with how collaborative the Litify onboarding process was and how quickly we were able to go live – less than 90 days! Litify has quickly allowed our group to prioritize our work and communities served by Acceptance.

Sarannah McMurtry, SVP, General Counsel

The most flexible, secure platform built for legal

Litify’s solutions are built on Salesforce, bringing the power and security of the #1 cloud-based technology to the legal industry.


Don’t just upgrade your software, transform your business

Forward-thinking legal and operations professionals understand business success comes when great technology, people, and culture collide.

Our team of experts and community of customers and partners provide an ecosystem of experience to help you make lasting business improvements.

Our team delivers:

  • Tailored platform configuration
  • Accurate and complete data migration
  • Comprehensive live & on-demand training
  • Ongoing service and support so you reach your goals
Litify - Software is just where it starts

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