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Litify empowers the legal community to deliver optimal outcomes for their clients with the world’s most trusted, secure, and flexible practice management platform. We designed Litify to work the way you do by providing an all-in-one, next-generation legal software solution.

How can Litify revolutionize your firm?


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Built on Salesforce

The Most Trusted Platform

Salesforce is the powerful engine behind Litify’s robust platform. Being built on Salesforce enables Litify to offer exclusive flexibility, security, and extensibility.


Get more out of your existing tools and technology. With Litify, you gain access to thousands of integrations with tools you’re already using today.


Customize Litify to your firm’s people and processes. We grow with your team’s needs with easy flexibility from features to integrations.


Get the built-in security and stability of the Salesforce platform. With Litify, you can protect you and your client’s most sensitive data.

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“We want every client to get the absolute best legal representation. And if you don’t have a handle on what everybody does in your firm, they’re not going to get it.”