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What To Expect During Your Litify Implementation

Team Litify
About Litify
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What To Expect During Your Litify Implementation

Team Litify

At Litify, our implementations don’t only take into consideration your current technology needs — we also deep-dive into your organization and processes to ensure your teams are operating at peak efficiency.

We believe a stellar implementation is the result of great people, process, culture, and technology working together. Read on to learn more about Litify’s approach to your implementation.

Your common business challenges, transformed

From our implementations with 350+ clients, we’ve seen firsthand the common business challenges that can be solved through a robust solution and partnership.

  1. Outdated, proprietary systems that can’t keep up: Your organization has made a huge investment in legal technology, but often they come with rigid workflows and a bad user experience that keeps you from seeing returns on that investment.
  2. It’s difficult to maintain or improve systems: Proprietary systems are often only understood by a handful of admins and developers, making it difficult for your team to customize the platform to your unique needs or keep it up to date with your processes and technological best practices. In addition, these systems are often incomplete, leading your business to maintain, upgrade, and pay for multiple (unintegrated!) systems to meet work and client expectations.
  3. Fragmented systems lead to siloed information and poor outcomes: With multiple, fragmented systems comes fragmented information — your business insights are scattered or even siloed in individual emails and conversations. This forces your team to waste valuable time chasing down needed information or, even worse, work with incomplete information, all of which prevents them from doing their best work.

With Litify, nearly every element of the platform is configurable to your unique needs, so that the software is fit to your team rather than forcing them to adjust to a rigid platform. Once we’ve determined the basic framework of your Litify organization, we’ll map every piece of your data onto new Litify fields, and your implementation team will work in the background to migrate all your data and documents, so you can change platforms without losing any information.

Finally, from the start of every project, you’ll start working with a Litify Customer Success Manager (CSM) to support your team through implementation into go-live and ongoing use. This is your dedicated point of contact to ensure you’re getting everything you need out of Litify.

What will my Litify implementation look like?

Whether your project is handled by Litify or one of our carefully selected partners, you’ll be working with an experienced implementation team that understands your legal business needs and the ins and outs of how to configure Litify. In every implementation, you’ll have access to the deep industry and technical expertise on the Litify team to ensure we fully understand your business requirements and deliver an optimized solution based on best practices.

Litify implementation timeline at a glance

Project planning and kickoff 

During this phase, the Project Manager will define the project timeline and assemble the rest of the project team. Project teams can include: 

  • Subject Matter Experts who understand your industry and business challenges
  • Solution Architects who understand the Litify system and how it can solve those challenges 
  • Technical Architects who support the technology throughout implementation, from building integrations to supporting data migrations
  • Your Project Manager who will keep the project on track by connecting the dots between your teams, the implementation partner, and the Litify team

Deep business and process discovery

We’ll meet with members of every department that will use Litify in order to understand your business needs, how you currently work, and how you’d like to work. By the end of this phase, the implementation team will be experts on your business. 

Solution design documentation

Once the discovery phase is complete, we’ll document all of our findings and our proposed solution architecture. With your approval, we’ll create your Litify organization and configure it based on this plan.

Full data and document migration

We’ll start mapping every single field in your current system onto a corresponding field in Litify and recommending which data to bring over and which can be left behind. With your team’s approval, we’ll start migrating over the data. This phase will run in the background throughout most of the project.

User acceptance testing (UAT)

Once your Litify organization has been configured and your data has been migrated, we’ll bring in users from various parts of your company to test it. This will be formal user testing with scripts and specific test cases. This phase is critical for a smooth go-live, and the more hands-on your team gets, the easier the transition to Litify will be.

Guided training sessions

We’ll provide live, tailored training sessions for your Litify administrators and end users. We also offer online training and learning modules on an ongoing basis. Learn more about our brand-new community hub that brings together our network of 45K+ Litify professionals into a single, collaborative platform for knowledge sharing and more.

Expanded implementation

Depending on your team’s specific needs, our implementation team can also set up third-party integrations within Litify to enable a single, connected platform or provide a Salesforce developer to build any custom components of functionality.

Go live and ongoing support

Congratulations — you’re officially running your business with Litify!

You’ll start talking to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) at the beginning of implementation, but this is when they’ll become your primary point of contact. You’ll meet with your CSM on a regular cadence — typically weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly — for ongoing, personalized support as your team continues to use Litify.

Litify is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars in customer satisfaction!

How long will my Litify implementation take?

Our implementation projects typically run for about 6-10 months, depending on your business requirements, size, and involvement. Your team will be involved in defining and approving the final timeline.

Because Litify is built on Salesforce, the system is incredibly configurable and customizable. The possibilities are endless, which can seem overwhelming as you try to design the “perfect” solution. Therefore, our team recommends striking a balance between configuring and customizing the platform, and getting your team live on Litify. Of course, we will always deliver a solution that meets your business requirements, but Litify is designed to grow with your team. 

It’s our belief that better business outcomes are the result of people, process, and technology working together. Litify provides the technology, but it will continue to be shaped by your people and processes as your business continues to evolve and improve.

What does my team’s time and involvement look like?

Your team’s participation is the key to success and is one of the main drivers for a timely go-live. The more involved your team is, the faster and more successful the implementation will be. Examples of your participation include:

  • Sharing business requirements from every department that will use Litify — as clearly and comprehensively as possible
  • Providing any document templates you want in Litify
  • Testing the full platform before go-live to ensure the project meets your needs
  • Training your users on your new solution!

Additionally, many of our implementations will involve a data migration from a previous system into Litify. You own your data and know it the best, so our team will rely on you for access to it and need your help on any clean-up to ensure we migrate clean, accurate, and de-duplicated data into your Litify org.

What can I expect after my Litify implementation?

In addition to your dedicated CSM, you’ll have access to all our user documentation and the Litify Community — our online community where Litify users can ask questions and share ideas about how to get the most out of the platform. 

And with tens of thousands of qualified Salesforce admins and developers, you’ll always be able to find someone to keep the platform aligned to your current processes and business requirements.

Finally, you’ll have the comprehensive and real-time analytics you need to drive ongoing business improvements. You’ll have spent the last several months focused on improving your processes and technology, now it’s time to carry that mindset forward and use these insights to continue optimizing your team, performance, and business.

See what our clients say about their own implementations!

Team Litify
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