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5 Attributes of Litify and Salesforce That Ensure Long-Term Success For Your Legal Team

Team Litify
About Litify

5 Attributes of Litify and Salesforce That Ensure Long-Term Success For Your Legal Team

Team Litify

Salesforce - the #1 cloud software solution 

Salesforce has been bringing companies and customers together in the digital age since 1999. It enables companies of every size and industry to take advantage of powerful technologies — cloud, mobile, social, blockchain, voice, and artificial intelligence — to connect to their customers and streamline business in a whole new way. Here are just a few facts about the #1 cloud-based CRM platform:

  • The platform is used by 150,000 customers worldwide
  • 83% of Fortune 500 companies are Salesforce customers
  • Salesforce has a 20% share of the overall CRM market
  • Businesses that run off of Salesforce increase revenue by an average of 20% and see an overall average ROI of 50%
  • Data centers are available in several major cities and 5 countries so your most sensitive data is secure
  • Salesforce AppExchange includes important applications suchs as DocuSign and Outlook so you can manage multiple parts of your business from one platform seamlessly
  • 1.4M people world-wide are certified in implementing and configuring the Salesforce platform

The statistics speak for themselves - Salesforce is a CRM force to be reckoned with and will continue to be as they add new products and create new solutions, which is why building Litify on the Salesforce platform was a no brainer. In fact, the combination of Salesforce and Litify is so powerful, even the Salesforce legal team implemented Litify to fulfill their needs.

The Litify-Salesforce advantage

Salesforce is the powerful base in which Litify is built on top of, which makes it perfectly suited for legal teams. Manage matters, bill hours and track spend, all in one platform. If it’s legal, it’s on Litify. There are 5 key attributes of the combined Litify-Salesforce platform that provide a competitive advantage to leading legal teams.

1. The experience is easy and intuitive

150,000 customers choose Salesforce because of it’s intuitive, eye-catching design. While the platform is easily accessible on both desktop and mobile, more than half of people worldwide use mobile devices over desktop, which is why Salesforce takes a mobile-first approach. Litify then takes a human-centric approach to designing legal features that offer a tailored experience for each unique legal team, job function, and person within your business. 

2. The capabilities are highly flexible

The Salesforce platform is highly flexible which enables your law firm or legal department to configure a solution that is perfectly suited for your business now - and in the future. Litify has done the work to customize Salesforce for legal so you can start automating routine tasks and obtaining real-time insights right out of the box. As both your business and the market evolve, you can rest assured that the Litify platform can be configured for any of your growing use cases — making you less dependent on a traditional product development process than with other legal software providers. Additionally, 1.4 million people worldwide are certified in implementing and configuring the platform, which gives your team ultimate control should you need new features to support your business.

3. You get 2 innovative platforms for the price of  1

Thousands of engineers at Salesforce are constantly thinking about how to improve the automation, security, reporting, and experience of the platform, while the Litify Product & Engineering team work to continuously add new capabilities to our legal solution. This enables your firm to stay ahead of the curve without the worry of how to properly customize your Litify instance. With both the Litify and Salesforce engineer teams working together, you can expect 8+ new, transformative product updates per year.

4. Easily integrate all of your important systems

The Salesforce AppExchange allows you to integrate or install more than 3400 additional apps so you can make Litify the all-in-one platform your firm needs to run efficiently. 

Communicate with clients, get contracts signed, and schedule meetings, all in one place, with some of these platforms you can easily install on Salesforce AppExchange: 

  • Outlook
  • DocuSign
  • Quickbooks
  • Accounting Seed
  • Zoom

5. High-grade security comes standard

Because Salesforce is one of the largest cloud-software companies in the world, they have invested heavily in the security of the platform. By extension, Litify customers benefit from the advanced security protocol that Salesforce offers, including two-factor authentication, data encryption, user-level permissions, multiple data centers world-wide and much more, all included within your subscription.  The security is so advanced that it’s trusted by organizations like NASA and The Department of Defense.

Don’t leave it to a standalone legal technology vendor to keep up with all of the critical capabilities that come out-of-the-box and are constantly progressing forward with the combination of Litify and Salesforce. The future of your business could depend on it. Learn more about how Litify and Salesforce can help you transform your organization.

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Team Litify
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