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The modern solution for leading immigration law firms.

Litify is the all-in-one platform that helps immigration firms streamline their practice and deliver the best results to their clients.

“We were servicing these cutting-edge tech companies, and our own tech couldn’t catch up to our service level or their expectations.”

Justin Parsons, Partner
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Streamline your high-volume immigration practice

File more cases, faster

Designed to standardize repeatable immigration casework so your team can submit 2X more cases with the same staff.

Measure what matters

Start measuring key metrics like time to case submission with powerful, real-time analytics that help you run your firm smarter and provide a modern client experience to help you win more.

Make paying easy

Provide your clients with an easy and secure way to pay online. Options to schedule payments or use payment plans provide flexibility and help boost collections.

Connect your processes

Features built for immigration law

Matter Management

Standardize and automate your unique best practices across the matter lifecycle so your staff can submit more files faster.

Forms & Document Management

Organize and auto-fill forms and documents to streamline your submission to USCIS using information you capture from clients.

Email & Calendar Sync

Integrate your workspaces into one. Easily save dates, documents, communications, and events to a central timeline within the matter so you can reference critical details during the case.

Marketing Automation

Multi-channel marketing at its best. Enrich targeted marketing campaigns with customer information and measure campaign ROI to optimize marketing spend.

Intake Management

Streamline and standardize your intake process with configurable questionnaires that help your team convert more consults to signed cases with the same staff.

Client Messaging & Payments

Provide excellent customer service with frequent updates and reminders through automated emails, SMS messaging, and secure online payment processing.

Customer Relationship Management

The hub for all customer and business information. Catalog the history of your relationship and communication with a client to provide best-in-class customer service and retain more business.

Custom Client Portal

Modernize your customer experience by offering a branded online portal for clients to submit forms, check case status, and communicate with staff on-demand.

Dynamic Dashboards

Visualize consult conversion rates, time to case submission, and other key performance metrics, with easy-to-use, personalized reports and dashboards.

Integrated with your favorite tools

Driving real results

Top Firms Are Driving Real Results

Our client satisfaction scores have increased 10-15% over the past 12 months, with complaints about our technology disappearing almost overnight.

/ Erickson Immigration Group

Other immigration firms ask…

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Does Litify have solutions for consumer immigration and business immigration law?

Yes, Litify’s platform offers all-in-one functionality for both consumer and business immigration firms. Consumer immigration firms most often utilize marketing, intake management, and payment features along with matter management, form and document generation, and real-time analytics. Business immigration firms utilize matter management, form, and document generation, and often create their own custom client portal to share real-time updates with corporate clients. 

What benefits do immigration firms see when using Litify?

Immigration firms experience an increase in efficiency and transparency into their business by using Litify’s platform. Specifically, consumer firms see an increase in intake conversion rates and marketing ROI, reduction in time to case submission, and overall growth of their business. Business immigration firms see similar benefits as well as a measurable increase in corporate client satisfaction and repeat business. Check out more client benefits on our customer page.

How secure is my data?

Litify is highly secure, with NIST, ISO, and SOC 2 certifications. All of the data you enter into the system is stored uniquely within your own walled-off environment on and AWS—two of the most trusted and widely used platforms in the world. Only select employees of your choosing can access your data.  All others have to be granted permission by someone from your team.

How does pricing work?

Like most software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, our pricing uses a per-license model. Volume discounts are available based on the number of licenses purchased. We require a minimum of 20 licenses, plus setup fees. See more details by visiting our pricing page. 

How does implementation work?

Litify implementations start with deep business discovery to understand and optimize your team’s unique processes so that we can configure the platform to meet your workflows, rather than forcing your team to adjust to a rigid platform. Implementations are done by Litify or one of our carefully chosen partners. For more information, visit our implementation roadmap.

What type of support will I get?

Litify’s best-in-class customer support starts with our Customer Success Managers, who meet with clients on a regular cadence to share best practices and help resolve issues.

Our support team is also available to work 1:1 with customers to resolve any user or technical issues. Each of our clients are invited to take part in the Litify Community, an online knowledge base and forum where users can share best practices and troubleshoot together. Learn more about how we help customers succeed by visiting our services page.

How often do you update the product?

We release 3-4 upgrades per year across each of our products. Our clients also benefit from any updates to the underlying platform released by Salesforce’s product team.

What is Litify’s relationship with Salesforce?

Litify’s platform is built using a combination of technology applications including a comprehensive set of Salesforce APIs that enable advanced automation, configurability, analytics, data security and more.

With Litify, you purchase a single product built for your legal uses cases and get the benefit of world class technology that’s utilized by all the top global businesses. For more information, visit our platform page.

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