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Introducing Docrio

Team Litify

Introducing Docrio

Team Litify

Docs Made Delightful

Document management tools have been around for a long time, but solutions sold to Law Firms are almost always 3rd party integrations. These solutions are built to serve a general audience—they work, but may not fit your exact use case or ideal workflow. Buying a 3rd party tool also means one more vendor contract to manage, one additional integration to maintain. Is it worth it in the long run?

Law firms powered by Litify know there’s a better way: Docrio.

Docrio is an intuitive document generation and management tool built for law firms – and it is native to the most powerful legal operating system available today. From attorneys to intake agents to paralegals, Docrio makes document management delightful for everyone that touches a case, and is built to work the way your firm works. Read on to learn just a few ways Docrio can prepare your firm for the future.

Strategize, Don’t Search

Waste less time tracking down case details and focus more on case strategy. Juggling disparate file systems and rummaging through emails are a thing of the past. Docrio centralizes all relevant documents associated with a case within Litify’s legal platform; simply navigate to your active case to get everything you need.

Docrio Improves Case Organization With:

  • Case-specific folders & file categories
  • Multi-version documents
  • File favorites
  • Instant preview

Create Documents Easily

Automate document creation with Docrio’s Document Generation tool. Templates can be built for any scenario and support multi-conditional logic and rules. Need to add unique verbiage on the fly? Docrio templates also allow freeform text so agents can tailor each document to say exactly what it needs to.

Docrio Simplifies Document Creation With:

  • Default, out-of-the box templates
  • Conditional text insertion that addresses all scenarios
  • One-click edit app for quick document reversioning
  • Share documents quickly and securely

Drag, Drop, Done

Last but not least, Docrio makes it simple for you to get started. Simply drag and drop your files from your computer into Docrio, and you’re done. With bulk edit and upload functionality, you can easily rename files and assign categories or subcategories. Once uploaded, you can immediately find and preview uploaded docs.

Docio Makes Document Management Easy With:

  • Single or Bulk Upload
  • Renaming and categorization
  • Immediate search and preview

We’re excited to offer Docrio as part of the Litify platform, an all-in-one solution to help transform your law firm and improve your client experience. As an early adopter told us, Docrio helped solve 95% of his document related headaches – let’s find out what Docrio can do for you!

Team Litify
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