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The modern solution for claims litigation departments.

Transform your litigation department into a highly efficient, connected part of the business with Litify’s claims litigation management platform.

"Within the first six months, I can already pull data that I need and be able to see and track how well my staff attorneys are performing.”

Sarannah McMurtry, Vice President and General Counsel
Transform your business

Streamline your claims litigation work for better legal outcomes

Achieve equitable results

Improve your chances of a fair outcome by selecting the best attorney to litigate a matter based on past results. For outsourced matters, improve your visibility and oversight with modern carrier-firm collaboration tools.

Improve billing accuracy

Reduce wasted spend on outside counsel with automated invoice checks that uncover errors in billing. Collaborate with outside counsel on budgets to improve accuracy of accruals.

Drive predictable outcomes with data

Catalog data on your history with judges and opposing counsel by jurisdiction to build intelligence that improves your legal strategy and performance over time.

Connect your processes

Features built for claims litigation teams

Matter Management

Standardizes and automates your unique best practices across the matter lifecycle so your staff can close files quickly while focusing on case outcomes.

Document Management

Organize all of your files by matter in Litify according to your unique filing structure. Easily find documents using Litify’s advanced search.

Document Generation

Auto-fill templated documents with the centralized information in Litify to save time creating files needed on a matter.

eBilling & Spend Management

Collaborate with outside counsel to manage budgets, accruals, invoice submission, and billing compliance through a robust international eBilling portal.

Email & Calendar Sync

Integrate your workspaces into one. Easily save dates, documents, communications, and events to a central timeline within the matter so you can reference critical details during the case.

Customer Relationship Management

The hub for all court and law firm information. Catalog data on your history with judges and opposing counsel by jurisdiction to build intelligence that improves your performance.

Dynamic Dashboards

Visualize attorney performance, time on desk, settlement variances, and other key business metrics, with easy-to-use, personalized reports and dashboards.


Check in on any case or metric in real-time using our native mobile app that let’s you access every data point, document, or dashboard right from your phone.

Integrated with your favorite tools

Driving real results

Claims Litigation Teams are Getting Results

One of our goals with Litify was to create a sense of competitive environment among firms, knowing we can shift the allocation files on a second’s notice. If we see data that a firm is doing really well, we can reward them almost instantly with more files.

/ AmTrust Insurance

Other claims litigation teams ask…

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How secure is my data?

Litify is highly secure, with NIST, ISO, and SOC 2 certifications. All of the data you enter into the system is stored uniquely within your own walled-off environment on and AWS—two of the most trusted and widely used platforms in the world. Only select employees of your choosing can access your data.  All others have to be granted permission by someone from your team.

How does pricing work?

Like most software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, our pricing uses a per-license model. Volume discounts are available based on the number of licenses purchased. We require a minimum of 20 licenses, plus setup fees. See more details by visiting our pricing page. 

How does implementation work?

Litify implementations start with deep business discovery to understand and optimize your team’s unique processes so that we can configure the platform to meet your workflows, rather than forcing your team to adjust to a rigid platform. Implementations are done by Litify or one of our carefully chosen partners. For more information, visit our implementation roadmap.

What type of support will I get?

Litify’s best-in-class customer support starts with our Customer Success Managers, who meet with clients on a regular cadence to share best practices and help resolve issues.

Our support team is also available to work 1:1 with customers to resolve any user or technical issues. Each of our clients are invited to take part in the Litify Community, an online knowledge base and forum where users can share best practices and troubleshoot together. Learn more about how we help customers succeed by visiting our services page.

How often do you update the product?

We release 3-4 upgrades per year across each of our products. Our clients also benefit from any updates to the underlying platform released by Salesforce’s product team.

What is Litify’s relationship with Salesforce?

Litify’s platform is built using a combination of technology applications including a comprehensive set of Salesforce APIs that enable advanced automation, configurability, analytics, data security and more.

With Litify, you purchase a single product built for your legal uses cases and get the benefit of world class technology that’s utilized by all the top global businesses. For more information, visit our platform page.

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