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Meet Melanie Lee – A Litify Customer Success Manager

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March 11, 2022

Melanie Lee – A Litify Customer Success Manager

About Melanie

Hi everyone! My name is Melanie Lee and I’ve been a Customer Success Manager at Litify for more than a year. Prior to Litify, I worked in Corporate Event Management and focused specifically on platforms. My priority was to build teams for events on top of Salesforce, while collecting and managing the attendee data from those events. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, the events industry took a severe hit, and I used it as an opportunity for a fresh start. My goal was to learn more about Salesforce from an administrative perspective, and once I heard Litify was transforming the legal industry in partnership with Salesforce, it seemed like a great fit.

Why Melanie loves being a CSM

I’m a problem solver and I’ve learned there are many different ways a problem can be solved. Being in the position to figure out customer’s difficulties and finding a solution that fits their needs is very rewarding. Aside from that, connecting with customers and building long-term relationships is incredibly rewarding for me. 

A recent win for Melanie’s client

I was working with a law firm out of Chicago and noticed they were tracking their referrals through a spreadsheet which was very time consuming and could also result in a lot of errors due to how manual the process was. They had commented on wanting to streamline this process during the implementation process, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to show them how robust and practical our Referral Network is.

After my demonstration, the firm was 100% onboard with the Litify Referral Network and ready to make that change over from their time consuming excel sheet method, so we began the implementation process and admin training. 

This Chicago firm can now communicate, trade and swap referrals with nearly 3000 firms nationwide, track the number of referrals coming in, and receive auto-email reminders instead of manually tracking every referral. It’s very rewarding knowing that I was able to help the firm find a solution to save time and utilize more features through the Litify platform. 

Next for Melanie at Litify

Working at Litify is about so much more than just having a job. Being a part of the culture and having a supportive team makes me even more passionate about the product. The future of law really is Litify. 

Our all-in-one platform and getting to work with knowledgeable team members like Melanie is what makes Litify a great partner in technology and business. The future success of your legal team starts now with Litify.

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