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Taylor King: A 46% Increase In Average Attorney Fees

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Taylor King: A 46% Increase In Average Attorney Fees

When Arkansas-based personal injury firm Taylor King Law went live on Litify in 2021 (after making the switch from Needles), they were already a successful firm with several locations around Arkansas and Texas. But their Chief Operating Officer Emily Merryman wasn’t satisfied. She knew the firm could perform at an even higher level, and she could use Litify to get them there.

Bringing their A-game to every intake

A personal injury firm is only as good as the quality and volume of its cases. When they bought Litify, Taylor King had an intake conversion rate of 30%. Merryman knew that number could be higher.

First, she had to identify her highest-performing intake agents. Before Litify, all she had was anecdotal information such as which people seemed like they were always on the phone. Litify’s analytics engine automatically captured every action and piece of data in their intake workflow and made it available for no-code reporting. Not only could Merryman see which agents were making the most calls or sending the most emails; she could go a level deeper and look at the results they were getting. She now knew who was signing up cases that led to high-value settlements, and who was doing a great job of turning down lower-quality cases without hurting the firm’s reputation.

Once she had identified her best agents, she implemented a phone tree to make the most of their time. Calls about existing cases were routed to less experienced agents, while her A-team could spend 100% of their time signing up new business.

The firm also used Litify’s analytics to measure each stage of the intake process and see where they were losing quality cases. They found that too much follow-up wasn’t always a good thing: leads were sometimes falling off when they felt annoyed or pressured to work with the firm. Based on these insights, Merryman used Litify’s workflow builder to create a more sophisticated outreach process using if/then logic to determine the right time to follow up with individual leads, rather than treating every lead exactly the same. This new process was automatically reflected in agents’ task lists, making it easy for them to follow.

Together, these two initiatives enabled Taylor King Law to increase their intake conversation rate to 50%.

Making the most of every case

In addition to increasing intake conversion rates, Merryman set a goal of increasing average attorney fees. With Litify, she finally had the reporting capabilities to measure this metric. She went about improving it in a couple of ways.

First, she used Litify’s flexible matter plans to update how her team works a case. When a case meets certain parameters, a task is automatically added instructing the case manager to work through a quality-of-life questionnaire with the client. This questionnaire is designed to identify non-economic damages, such as missing major life events. When they started including these damages in their demands, the firm saw an immediate lift in both case values and how quickly they received an offer back from insurance companies.

Litify’s matter management also enabled the firm to more closely track a client’s injury and treatment status, allowing attorneys and their case managers to get much more proactive in assisting clients in developing and following treatment plans. Before Litify, they were mostly reaching out to clients to ask for an update on treatment; now they were acting as real partners helping to make sure clients were getting the treatment they needed.

Together, these three initiatives — each of which was made possible by Litify’s matter management — contributed to a 46% increase in average attorney fees.