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Meet a Litify Customer Success Manager

by: Gabe Sprinkle

January 28, 2022

Gabe SprinkleLitify Customer Success Manager

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About Gabe

Hey everyone! My name is Gabe Sprinkle and I began working at Litify in January of 2021 as a Customer Success Manager. I have a background in technology, having worked in professional services doing implementation consulting for a software company out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Recently before coming to Litify I was a Financial Consultant for Ernst & Young. After a few years in the finance industry, I realized that I wanted to get back into technology and have the opportunity to learn and work with Salesforce.

Why he loves being a Litify Customer Success Manager 

There are so many things that I love about being a Customer Success Manager, but what gets me motivated and excited every day when working is knowing that I get to have a real relationship with clients. There is so much more to being a Customer Success Manager than just solving a customer’s problems. It’s about getting to be a part of their team and understanding their business so I can help it grow. Being a CSM allows me to learn new things every day whether it’s through Salesforce, our own Litify software, or new solutions. I love the challenge of learning something new every day. 

A recent win for Gabe’s client 

Back in 2021, I was working with a large law firm out of New Jersey when I noticed that they were using their own internal shared drive to manage their documents. I knew that Litify’s document management system, Docrio, would help them be more efficient when creating documents. Docrio would allow them to auto-generate files from the information they already had in Litify instead of starting each document from scratch. Also, their attorneys could save time and be more organized by having their documents stored alongside all the relevant information about each matter in LItify instead of having two separate places to look.

After I reintroduced the feature and did training with their admin and internal teams, the firm decided to move off their internal share drive to start managing their documents through Litify. Now the firm has everything they need in one place and is saving a bunch of time when creating and searching for documents related to their matters. A lot of clients have hurdles with driving adoption of all the features of the platform and moments like this where I can help a customer get the most out of Litify are some of the most rewarding.

Next for Gabe at Litify

I’m excited to continue building long-lasting relationships while serving the legal world with the most robust technology platform. Litify is the future of legal technology – and we are here to help your legal teams reach new heights.

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