Case Management Software for Social Security Disability Law Firms

It's time to streamline SSD case management. Litify enables you to manage the entire lifecycle of each case on one integrated platform. Endless integration and customization possibilities, robust intake and matter management, and real-time analytics make it the most powerful case management software available.

Social Security Disability Law Firms

Every day your law firm helps clients navigate the complexities of filing for Social Security Disability. Is your software helping you do your job, or just creating more work for you? Litify eliminates inefficiencies and blasts through admin confusion so you can focus on the work that truly matters: representing your clients.

Today’s Challenges

  • Inefficient Workflows
  • Disconnected Software and Solutions
  • Task Management
  • Disorganized Documents
Litify on a Laptop

Grow Your Law Firm With Litify

Built on the most powerful CRM in the world—Salesforce—Litify molds itself to fit your firm’s unique needs. Tailored matter plans and dynamic questionnaires, native integrations, and endless opportunities to customize the platform mean that your law firm will never outgrow Litify.

Seamlessly Integrate With Popular SSD Software

With our out-of-the-box native integrations, access Assure Disability and Atlasware right from Litify. Save time and reduce errors by operating from one platform.

Standardize Case Management With SSD Workflows

Implement best practices across your law firm with dynamic questionnaires, matter plans, and workflows tailored specifically to support Social Security Disability law.

Litify on a Laptop

Make Data-Driven Business Decisions

With Litify’s real-time dashboards and reporting, quickly get a snapshot of your firm’s productivity, average case duration, results with specific judges and attorneys, attorney fees, and more.

Track Every Case Detail and Update

See every action taken on an intake and matter in an easy-to-digest activity timeline. Save every associated document and communication to the relevant matter, ensuring nothing gets lost.

Automate and Customize Workflows

Establish clear processes and standardize best practices throughout your firm. Automate task creation and management,and trigger approval processes as necessary.

Eliminate Document Overload With Docrio

Create, edit, save, and send documents without leaving Litify. Create new documents in seconds with customized templates tied to your Salesforce data, merge multiple documents at once, and leverage Advanced Search to find the right document every time.