Best Legal Software for Social Security Disability Law Firms

An all-in-one legal technology platform that allows SSD firms to obtain more cases and provide better service while decreasing overhead.

Streamlined SSD Case Management

Every day your law firm helps clients navigate the complexities of filing for Social Security Disability. Is your software helping you do your job, or just creating more work for you? Litify eliminates inefficiencies and blasts through admin confusion so you can focus on the work that truly matters: representing your clients.

Future-Proof Your Law Firm’s Technology

Built on the most powerful platform and extensible technology in the world—Salesforce—Litify is flexible enough to support your firm’s unique needs. With endless customization opportunities and regular software updates, your law firm will never outgrow us.


Standardize Case Management With SSD Workflows

Questionnaires and matter plans created just for social security disability will guide your staff to sign and resolve more cases, more efficiently. Replicate best practices across the firm by automating alerts, tasks, and approvals.

Operate Your Entire Business From One Platform

Our out-of-the-box, native integrations let you access Assure Disability, Atlasware, and more right from Litify. Integrate all of your favorite third-party solutions with simple API connections and the Salesforce AppExchange store.

Make Real-Time, Data-Driven Business Decisions

With Litify’s real-time dashboards and reporting, quickly get a snapshot of your firm’s productivity, average case duration, results with specific judges and attorneys, attorney fees, and more.

Eliminate Document Overload With Docrio

Create, edit, save, and send files without leaving Litify. Generate new documents in seconds with customized templates populated with your Salesforce data, and use OCR search to find the right document every time.

Transform Your Law Firm

Litify is more than just a collection of features—it’s a new way to think about how you deliver legal services.

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