Intake Management

Quickly find and sign the most valuable cases for your law firm every time with Litify Intakes.

Litify gives you the tools to standardize and replicate a seamless client onboarding process throughout your law firm, leaving clients feeling confident in your legal process from day one and ultimately improving your client conversion rate and case outcomes.

Sign the Right Cases With Rule-Based Questionnaires

Empower your staff to quickly qualify the right cases for your law firm every time. Our customizable questionnaires guide intake agents step-by-step so that they know immediately which cases to turn down and which clients to sign.

Relationship Management Made Easy

Centralize all of the information you collect from prospective clients in one place. Relate all future matters back to their party record so your staff has all the information they need to provide the best service.

Trigger Alerts When High-Value Cases Come In

Send an email alert to attorneys when potentially large cases come in so they can properly guide case management from the start.

Ready to Transform Your Intakes Process?

Learn how Litify can help you obtain and convert more qualified intakes.

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