Make a larger impact

Litify for Immigration Firms allows your team to provide excellent customer service to the growing number of immigration clients without having to hire more people.

Keep up with the increase in immigration cases

Step 1

Sign more qualified clients

  • Never leave a potential client waiting. Automated follow-ups allow your intake agents to handle more cases quickly.
  • Consistent intake questionnaires ensure that every client you represent is the right fit to file for legal status.
Step 2

Focus on outcomes, not tasks

  • Focus more time on client consultations by letting Litify remind you of key dates, automate matter tasks, documents, and more.
  • Clearly visualize matter progress throughout the lifecycle of a case so you stay focused on filing.
Step 3

File packets more efficiently

  • Save time by streamlining the creation of packets. Auto-generate all forms directly from the information already in Litify.
  • Stay on top of all forms required from the client and send automated reminders to ensure your team has what they need to file.
Step 4

Do it again, but better

  • Increase team performance using insight from each matter to measure, optimize and improve efficiency.
  • Make better decisions across the whole firm with insight into all clients, intakes, and matters in one place.

The Litify Difference


Your firm is unique – Litify flexes to your business needs by offering deep configurations and platform integrations.


Litify is built on Salesforce, the most secure platform in the world so your sensitive data is safe and secure. 

Customer Success

It’s not just about great tech, Litify’s dedicated team supports your business goals now and as you grow.

Grow With Litify

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