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Litify Helps To Increase Firm’s Client Satisfaction By 10-15%

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Litify Helps To Increase Firm’s Client Satisfaction By 10-15%

Erickson Immigration Group is a full-service corporate immigration firm headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. Across 30+ years, the firm has become one of the largest employer-sponsored immigration law firms in the country, with staff across 26 states and in 11 countries.

EIG’s North Star metric is client service and satisfaction and the firm strives to maintain a partner relationship with its clients, instead of a vendor. They achieve this by staying ahead of their clients to make strategic recommendations on how to evolve, grow, and protect clients’ immigration programs. The tools and technology they offer is a differentiator in the marketplace, and EIG’s commitment to client service through innovative technology and the adoption of Litify has increased client satisfaction rates by 10-15%.

The challenge

The two key challenges presented by EIG’s previous case management system were the slow speed at which the technology was advancing and the vendor’s limited ability to make changes to the system. EIG was not able to translate its bespoke and customized immigration services and processes into an online experience. It checked the boxes for the basics, but EIG strives for a “Perfect Plus” experience, and that’s anything but basic.

“We were servicing these cutting-edge tech companies, and our own tech couldn’t catch up to our service level or the expectations we have for ourselves,” said Justin Parsons, Partner at Erickson Immigration Group.

Needing a technology solution that is as ambitious and innovative as the firm’s ethos, EIG realized they needed to make a change.

Evaluating Litify

As EIG began evaluating a new solution, they decided a highly configurable solution would best fit their needs. Enter Litify.

“The progress that Litify had already made in building the platform out for the legal industry stood out to us and gave us everything we needed to run our immigration practice. In addition, the team’s willingness to really listen, engage, and understand our requirements made it clear we’d have a true partnership,” said Parsons.

Solving the challenges with Litify

Using Litify, it’s now easy for EIG to update the platform as business processes change or to implement new features. Further, they’re able to configure the client-facing portal for each client, as well as for the foreign nationals they work with.

“The potential for customization and configuration with Litify has really been one of the most important pieces to all of this. It’s been tremendously helpful and has added quite a bit of value to our practice,” said Hiba Anver, Partner at Erickson Immigration Group.

The EIG team can now adjust to new expectations in the market, or new ideas from their clients, in just a few weeks or months rather than changes to the platform taking a year. It’s critical for them to have this speed and agility in order to differentiate themselves from others in the market and keep clients satisfied.

Their internal team is more productive and efficient when managing their cases. For example, they’re able to generate documents, forms, and petitions much faster. With this additional productivity, staff are able to spend more time on client service. And with all the data centralized in the platform, they’re able to present their results back to clients in a digestible way.

And the client-facing portion? “The feedback we’ve received across the board is that clients think what we’re presenting now is industry-leading,” said Parsons.

The results

Overall, life with Litify has been easier internally and externally, and the firm is excited about the many directions they’ll be able to take on the platform. The immigration industry is constantly evolving, and EIG is leading the way.

The EIG team now has time back in their day to dedicate to client service — their North Star. With the help of Litify, the firm’s client satisfaction scores have increased about 10-15% over the past 12 months.

The way EIG has customized Litify reflects decades of immigration law know-how. It provides employers and employees the tools they need to manage their program, or their individual case, and delivers on EIG’s promise of an innovative high-tech solution, with high-touch service.

“Litify provides ample options and potential when it comes to the customization of our dashboards and reports. And it comes with the ability to manage our processes and turn that data into meaningful insights for our clients, as well as our internal teams. Our partners and team leaders have crafted internal reporting that helps them manage caseloads and different matters,” said Anver.

What’s next

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and continuing to innovate within the Litify platform are top-of-mind for the EIG team. They’re eager to take advantage of artificial intelligence — and with the flexibility of Litify, they’ll be in a great position to do that.