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Walker Firm: Litify Helps Us Serve More Clients

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Walker Firm: Litify Helps Us Serve More Clients

“We’re proud to be representing the Spanish-speaking community in their social security disability cases. Litify makes us more efficient in everything we’re doing so that we can help even more people and continue serving this community,” TC Walker-Dupler, Managing Attorney, Walker Firm, Casa de Justicía.

Walker Firm, or Casa de Justicía as they’re also known, is a social security disability firm based in Los Angeles, California. It’s a new firm dedicated to representing the Spanish-speaking community in applying, and fighting, for these benefits.

The firm’s founder TC Walker-Dupler told us he believes “the Spanish-speaking community has a much bigger need for representation, especially when applying for social security disability…these forms aren’t offered in Spanish, which makes it really difficult for a Spanish speaker.”

We spoke with TC to learn more about his firm and their journey to going live on Litify.

The journey to Litify

Q: What made you passionate about selecting Litify?

A: I started the firm back in March of this year. As I was getting ready to make the jump, I was looking for a practice management solution and became really interested in Litify. One of my best friends is actually a Salesforce consultant, so I’ve always been impressed with the platform, the automation, and how technology in general can remove so much of the day-to-day busy work for a lawyer.

When I’ve worked as an Attorney at different law firms in the past, I was always frustrated by the work that I knew could be automated with technology. I knew something was out there for legal and became dead set on making Litify the choice for my firm when I learned it was a legal platform built on top of the Salesforce solution.

Q: How was your experience implementing the platform?

A: I chose Litify because it could be tailored to our firm and practice areas. Flexibility was ideal for us because I could continue to work with the platform, play around with it, and see what was working or not, and then continue tailoring it from there.

And for me, it was the only way implementation could work. We needed a case management system in place and being a startup, I’m also trying to save money, so trying to build Salesforce out myself from zero would have eaten me alive. I’m literally one of the main people implementing Litify while also being an attorney who’s managing an office, clients, hearings, and everything else.

Life with Litify

Q: How is Litify benefitting the firm?

A: Social security disability requires a tremendous amount of information gathering from clients. A lot of sensitive information and a lot of dates that need to be collected, used, and reused. There are a ton of forms required to process just one claim and Litify automatically generates a lot of those standards documents and will auto-populate the fields with information already stored in the system.

The reporting is also amazing and helps keep us efficient. We’ll create reports and group them by the various social security offices. Now if one of my employees is ever calling into one of those offices, we’ll follow up on all our cases for that office at once. Instead of calling back over and over again for different clients, we can knock it all out in one go. There’s often a significant hold time when calling into these offices so anything that can help make this work more efficient saves my employees time and saves my clients frustration.

Q: What else makes you excited about Litify?

A: When you purchase Litify, you also get access to a tremendous community. There was our Litify team who’s available to help and then I was also reaching out in the Litify Community group, asking questions to other customers and users like me. There are a lot of ways to get support when you go with Litify.

Q: How are you continuing to evolve the platform and the firm?

A: I’m excited for our continued development that will keep my team efficient and effective. I’m excited to help my employees get more done, so that we can help more people. And I’m excited for all the insights the platform will provide, which I want to see as a managing attorney. We’re actually growing pretty fast, so I already had to reach out to the team and purchase more licenses the other day.

Social security disability takes a long time. Social security disability takes a long time. The quickest turnaround you can expect is about six months but claims usually last about two years. Our firm is only about 4 months old, so we’re still waiting to see the results, but we’re confident in what we’re doing. We’re really proud to be representing the Spanish-speaking community and pursuing cases for those looking for disability benefits that they paid towards. We also have other clients where we’re making sure they understand what they’re filling out. Litify makes us more efficient in everything we’re doing so that we can help more people and continue serving this community.