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Effective Leadership And Operations With Robust Reporting

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Effective Leadership And Operations With Robust Reporting

Morgan & Morgan is a personal injury law firm with offices in all 50states. As you can imagine, the IT infrastructure required to support the operation of a practice this size is extensive and complex.

Issues faced by their smaller counterparts are often amplified. The coordination of sharing and transferring information among hundreds of attorneys across multiple offices can create inefficiencies, errors, and bottlenecks.

Lack of transparency and visibility caused by multiple local servers

For Keith Sadler, VP of Platform who oversaw the firm-wide migration from a legacy software application to the Litify platform, it was very challenging that the firm’s data resided across multiple systems.

“There was a lack of transparency between intake and matter management, as well as a lack of visibility in the client onboarding automation,” said Sadler. “We didn’t have a robust cloud platform that allowed everyone to operate within the same system. Information from multiple offices resided on individual local servers, hindering real-time communication and collaboration.”

Partners and attorneys were unable to view cases from start to finish in one place. The multi-server environment also resulted in data duplication causing inefficiency and errors.

Centralized cloud platform offers 360-degree views of clients

Switching to the Litify platform allows Morgan & Morgan to streamline the experience of both clients and intake agents through the creation of 360-degree views of clients.

With data residing in one centralized location, client information can be updated in real-time and accessible to everyone in the firm from anywhere in the world.“After using Litify, we experienced a massive reduction in the number of errors in the intake process – e.g., signing up clients and cases that don’t meet our qualification standards,” said Sadler. “Litify helps us automate the workflow and identify the best clients.”

Robust reporting eliminates bottlenecks

With Litify’s reporting functionalities, the team at Morgan & Morgan can now run a variety of custom reports with just a few clicks of the mouse and get the analytics they need. The unified platform offers visibility into the entire intake process without the need for additional programming. And the operation staff can now quickly drill into a large amount of data to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks, which had never been possible before.

Minimum impact on productivity during transition

When Morgan & Morgan transitioned to Litify’s Intake application, they transferred over 2.5 million client files and 500,000+ case files, including 100,000 open cases.“The Litify team was very responsive and collaborated closely with our internal team during the entire process,” said Sadler. ”Any time our team hit a snag, Litify was available to help.”

Looking back on the implementation process, Sadler recommends other Litify clients to adopt the mindset of “done is better than perfect.”

“We probably spent too much time trying to make the application perfect,” said Sadler. “We’d be better off if we shortened the implementation cycle by rolling out an MVP (minimal viable product) and use the experience to inform the rest of the implementation.”

Such iterative approach is made possible by Litify’s flexible platform. Clients can continue to enhance its functionality after the initial launch without hiring a team of developers.

“It’s important to get to the point at which the platform is usable so you don’t lose productivity. You can then keep implementing additional features to build out your dream app while taking advantage of what the platform has to offer,” suggested Sadler.

Brain Walsh, senior platform analyst at Morgan & Morgan, noted how easy it is to integrate other applications and software with the Litify platform.“There’s no loss in productivity during the process,” said Walsh. “Best of all, it looks like everything is in one program from the user’s perspective.”

Effective leadership made possible with transparency

Using Litify has vastly increased the level of transparency within the firm.

“The transparency creates ownership and accountability for those running individual departments, resulting in better leadership,” observed Sadler.

The streamlined approval process and mobile accessibility mean attorneys and partners can get things done faster and easier without holding up the workflow. Not to mention, the partners find value in having visibility into individual cases and knowing exactly how much revenue each of them is generating.

“The clean interface and easy document management mean we can get things done faster,” said Walsh. “The environment has improved both employee happiness and client satisfaction.”