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About Litify

Transforming a Fragmented Legal Industry

Team Litify
About Litify

Transforming a Fragmented Legal Industry

Team Litify

In 2016, while other industries were embracing technology to become more efficient and data-driven, one industry was lagging far behind. The legal industry was still reliant on spreadsheets, physical file cabinets, and multiple one-trick technology solutions to manage their businesses. Funding for legal technology was trickling in compared to other industries, reaching a mere $233 million in 2016.

The lawyers who understood how technology could transform their businesses didn’t have access to solutions that could adequately support them. So instead they cobbled together multiple point solutions that only served one purpose, like document management, and were left with a fragmented infrastructure that couldn't provide the insights and transparency they desperately needed.

Though technology companies were clamoring to help them, they simply didn’t know how to serve an industry that was as complex, fragmented, and differentiated as the legal industry was. 

Litify was born out of this frustration—lawyers who knew there was a better way to manage their casework, and a technology industry that didn’t know how to help them. 

Executives from Salesforce teamed up with the largest law firms in the country with one mission in mind: to marry the best platform technology in existence with the legal knowledge from the top lawyers in the country. 

“We believed that a platform concept using the best technology that’s available, can and should be used for the legal community,” reflects Terry Dohrmann, Litify founding partner and Chief Revenue Officer.

And Litify was born: a state-of-the-art technology platform that could accommodate the unique nuances of the legal world.

Bringing the Most Powerful Cloud Technology to the Legal Industry

To deliver the best technology available, Litify’s founders knew they had only one option. They had to build a platform, one with legal-specific features like matter plans and a robust CRM, that could also integrate with every other solution that a law firm may rely on, in order to create one command center to manage the entire business. 

Salesforce was the only solution. One of the world’s largest cloud technology providers, trusted by organizations like the U.S. Department of Defense and American Express, offered the solid foundation that every business needs—security, analytics, and mobility—while also providing endless ways to customize the platform to support the unique needs of each organization. An open API combined with the Salesforce AppExchange, which includes thousands of apps built specifically for the platform, makes integrations simple.

Litify offers all of the benefits of being built on Salesforce, with the added value of legal-specific features that lawyers need to transform their case management and client relationships. Think dynamic matter plans, time tracking, robust intake capabilities, a fully integrated document management solution, and more. 

But Litify believes that an industry-wide transformation will take more than just putting the most sophisticated technology in the hands of lawyers. We need to educate the industry about what’s possible when real-time analytics, automation, and standardization are at the heart of operations. We need to help legal professionals rethink how they approach their jobs, to become more streamlined and efficient than they ever have before.

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Team Litify
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