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The Next Generation Cloud Platform For Top PI Firms

Team Litify

The Next Generation Cloud Platform For Top PI Firms

Team Litify

Law firms are making the switch to cloud platforms for managing files, data and overall case management. Why? Because maintaining a secure on-premise IT solution is costly and complex.

There's a variety of enterprise cloud-based platforms on the market that can do the trick more efficiently and cost-effectively, while helping you keep up-to-date with technology. It's true, parsing feature lists can be daunting, while signing up for free trials and test drives can be time-consuming. More importantly, even if you sift through all the sales material, you still may not find something fit for the specifics of your particular law firm (since most are not built with that kind of flexibility).

Well, Litify is designed to put the needs of firms first. Built on Salesforce with the highest of security and frequent, automatic updates, it's the product law firms have been looking for (and even trying to build themselves!). Below is a quick breakdown of our services and features that allow law firms to easily streamline their operations to keep track of (and even boost) conversion rate, reduce operating cost, automate workflow, and increase client satisfaction.

Litify – A Comprehensive Cloud-Based IT Solution For The Top PI Firms

Litify combines the benefits of cloud software with the needs of law firms by integrating legal best practices – such as document, workflow, and client management systems – into a secure environment (Salesforce) - used and trusted by government agencies and enterprises around the globe.

You can now navigate marketing, intake, referrals, client interaction, matter management, document storage, and finance all in one single location in a simple, digestible, and actionable format.

Tap into the advantages of using a cloud platform without having to reinvent the wheel:

1. Unified Process

Litify’s complete suite of products addresses every aspect of a law firm’s operation to help you automate your workflow. Set up consistent processes, assign roles and make sure your teams follow the best practices guidelines you put in place to optimize opportunities, productivity, and information sharing.

A side note: you can train current employees and easily equip new hires to use the platform with our dedicated services team and training tools.

2. Measurable Success

Track all interactions and results on the platform. Analyze the data and fine-tune your operations and client service procedures to simultaneously save and make more money.

3. Seamless Transition and On-Going Support

Receive thorough analysis of your operations and business processes ahead of any kind of commitment to the platform.

We'll arm you with a migration and transition strategy so you can get started on our platform without any interruption or loss of client information. We’ll also be there with you every step of the way as you transition, and to answer any questions - including access to monthly Release Notes for feature and other updates!

4. Customization and Scalability

Customize layouts, actions, and workflows to meet your needs, regardless of practice area or headcount. Additionally, we'll work with you to  scale up your tools as your practice's needs grow.

5. Mobile Access

Access all files and data, and respond to client requests at any moment, anywhere on your choice of device. Let's face it - you live in a mobile world. Your work should too.

Ready To Try Something New?

There's no better time to move your business processes, files and data to Litify. In addition to a quality cloud solution, what you get with us is a solution built for longevity. Sign up for a demo to see where best in class legal practices, law firms and technology intersect.

A final note: we’re rapidly evolving our offerings and product roadmap to stay ahead of current. What that means for you is: automatic updates and enhancements to your applications on a consistent basis, without additional cost. And the door is always open for feedback. Something you're not seeing? Let's talk - chances are we can build it.

Schedule a live demo to see how Litify can help you streamline your business and increase your revenue.

Team Litify
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