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You’ll Never Search the Same Way Again: Docrio v3 Includes OCR and More

by: Litify

August 13, 2020

Our most exciting Docrio release to date is here! With auto merge, customizable upload columns, bulk file actions, column resizing, and the most anticipated release of Optical Character Recognition (more affectionately known as OCR), the possibilities are endless.

Now, let’s break down each of these great new features.

Auto Merge

Users no longer need to navigate to Docrio to use the merge button.  With Docrio v3, it is possible to merge files anywhere within the Litify platform with a simple click of a button, saving time and creating ease.

Customizable Upload Columns

Litify Administrators can now add different fields, such as “description” or “additional information.”  within the Upload Modal—and even make those fields required when needed. This allows Administrators to create an experience that is catered completely to the needs of their unique firm. 

Bulk File Actions 

Gone are the days of going one by one to move, copy, or delete specific files.  With Bulk File Actions, numerous files can be moved, copied, or deleted all at once which is a huge time saver.

Resizable Columns

In the past, users needed to zoom in and out to see all the information within Docrio.  With resizable columns, users are now able to adjust each column size within Docrio and DocAssign, allowing them to see the information they need to see in an easy and accessible manner.  


Here is the moment you’ve all been waiting for… OCR!  OCR is the ability to recognize text within word documents, images, scanned documents, and PDFs.  By using the “text content” search field on Docrio Advanced Search, users can search all of their files to find relevant content and specific terms or phrases.    

The best part?  OCR searches work on all of your Docrio files—even those that were uploaded prior to our OCR release.  So those documents that you scanned and uploaded a few months back can now be searched to see if they contain the specific text you are looking for.  

Want to see all of these features in action? Watch our recent LitiCast episode!

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