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Docrio: The Industry’s Best Document Management Solution Just Got Better

Team Litify

Docrio: The Industry’s Best Document Management Solution Just Got Better

Team Litify

Docrio 2.0 is the latest and greatest version of Litify’s popular document management solution. Are you taking advantage of all that it has to offer?

With Image Merge, External Links, DocAssign, and Docrio Edit, Docrio 2.0 has a host of new features to help law firms save time, achieve better outcomes, and grow their businesses.

We also listened to client feedback and improved our Template Builder and Merge Process tools to make them more efficient than ever.

Keep reading to learn how the best got even better.

Image Merge

Using the new tab Global Images tab, Litify users can upload an image, add it to their template, and include this image in future documents. This makes adding logos and signatures to paperwork a breeze, saving law firms valuable time that can be better spent on more urgent matters.

External Links

With the Create External Links feature, attorneys and case staff can now share documents with people outside their organization. They can specify how long a file is valid for and set a password, all with the push of a button and without leaving the Litify platform. Conferring with outside counsel has never been this simple or secure.


DocAssign is Litify’s answer to mailroom functionality. It allows users to bulk-upload documents into Docrio, then seamlessly assign each one to the requisite record — without having to know the record ahead of time. Now scanning and processing inbound mail is a snap.

Docrio Edit

Tired of constantly re-uploading new versions of documents to your practice management platform? Our new Docrio Edit extension lets you edit Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, then immediately save those files directly to Docrio. Best of all, it tracks every single version and every single change via the File History tab.

Template Builder & Merge Process Improvements

We heard your feedback and have made major improvements to our Template Builder and Merge Process tools. Some of the new things you can do:

  • Sort Salesforce Record(s) fields by ascending or descending
  • Delete or reorder existing rules and filters
  • Close inputs and templates
  • Test templates before merging them with an existing record
  • Auto-select a single Salesforce Record when only one value is returned
  • Do basic sums in a merge table
  • Track how many times each template and packet have been merged

Plus, we’ve added “All” and “Any” logic options to filters, as well as separate tags for Day/Month/Year. These small changes can make a huge difference in a firm’s day-to-day operations — and their bottom lines.

We’re Just Getting Started

Litify continues to roll out new products and improvements to help law firms streamline, expand, and thrive. Every day, we’re thinking up new ways to make attorneys’ lives easier. Ready for an upgrade? Let’s talk.

Team Litify
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