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A Fresh Look for Litify: New Activity Timeline and Roles Setup Assistant

by: Litify

July 7, 2020

Built on Salesforce, Litify’s platform allows law firms to manage their cases within one standard, customizable interface. With endless integrations and the ability to easily add users, Litify molds to fit your unique needs.

With Activity Timeline and Activity Timeline Setup Assistant, Litify has become even easier and more efficient to use.

Keep reading to learn about the new improvements to the platform.

Activity Timeline & Activity Timeline Setup Assistant

Activity Timeline

The Activity Timeline provides users with a single place to see everything that happens within a case. For an intake, matter or any other type of record, Litify users are able to get a comprehensive, chronological view of the activity that has taken place. It can be used to:

  • Spend less time reviewing everything that has been done on a case
  • See what’s coming up next
  • Jump around in time without scrolling through multiple pages or hundreds of records
  • Search and filter the timeline to quickly find what you’re looking for
  • Dive into details without losing the context of what happened before and after
  • View and edit records in a responsive sidebar without leaving the Activity Timeline

Activity Timeline Setup Assistant

With an easy-to-use setup interface, Litify administrators can configure the Activity Timeline within the setup interface. The key settings include being able to set up the Activity Timeline to work on nearly any type of object within Litify as well as including nearly any type of object as an “activity” within the timeline. For example, a phone call or meeting can be added as an activity on a matter within the Activity TImeline Setup Assistant.  Administrators are also able to map the most important field values to the Activity Timeline “table” to make them immediately visible and searchable.

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