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About Litify

The Activity Timeline: Robust Case Insights At a Glance

Team Litify
About Litify

The Activity Timeline: Robust Case Insights At a Glance

Team Litify

The Activity Timeline gives you a comprehensive, chronological view of the activity that has taken place on an intake or matter in Litify. It can be used to:

  • Spend less time reviewing everything that has been done on a case.
  • See what's coming up next.
  • Jump around in time without scrolling through multiple pages or hundreds of records.
  • Search and filter the timeline to quickly find what you're looking for.
  • Dive into details without losing the context of what happened before and after.
  • View and edit records in a responsive sidebar without leaving the timeline.

Benefits of using the activity timeline

The main value we see our clients gain from the activity timeline is two-fold:

Get up to speed quickly: The case manager or paralegal who has been working a case will be familiar with the tasks, calls, emails, events, and more that have occurred. But when an attorney or managing partner needs to hop in — or if a case gets re-assigned — those individuals want to be able to get up to speed without getting buried in the details. The activity timeline provides a centralized view to see what’s already happened and what may be coming next.

Drive accountability: As a people manager, you may also want to make sure your team is completing their tasks. For example, ensuring intake managers have completed their critical follow-up tasks to potential new clients. The activity timeline also provides this perspective, enabling you to search and filter the timeline by user, activity type, and task status. This could be especially useful ahead of a team meeting or performance conversation.

Get robust case insights — at a glance

Filters: The Activity Timeline initially sorts all activity records from newest to oldest. However, you can also filter for the records you want to see within the timeline by a combination of criteria, such as date, user, activity type, and task status.

NEW! Save preset views: As of 2024, you can now easily filter and refine results in the Activity Timeline by saving your frequently used search criteria as a preset view. Views can be applied across the organization or personalized to individual users. Case management teams can seamlessly switch between views to more quickly review and retrieve relevant case information.

Export as PDF: A PDF version of the Activity Timeline can be downloaded directly from the Activity Timeline for offline review. The PDF will respect any filters or saved views upon download.

The takeaway

Not only does Litify help centralize and capture incredibly detailed case information, but the platform also gives you a super easy way to get up to speed on the information you need most — at a glance!

Team Litify
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