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Litify News

Announcing Our 2023 Plaintiff Award Winners!

Team Litify
Litify News

Announcing Our 2023 Plaintiff Award Winners!

Team Litify

At our annual LitiQuest Plaintiff conference, we had the pleasure of recognizing a number of our clients who have significantly transformed their firms with technology and data. We announced the awards in front of an audience of hundreds of the industry’s most influential executives and thought leaders. Read on for the award categories and winners. Be sure to congratulate them when you’re out and about at upcoming events!

High-Growth Firm

This award recognizes a firm that’s experienced tremendous growth with the power of technology and productivity on their side.

Congratulations to The Jeffocat Firm, Poulin Willey Trial Lawyers, and Keller Postman on their tremendous growth!

Michael Jeffcoat of The Jeffcoat Firm accepting their award from Litify President & COO Ari Treuhaft and VP of Customer Success Ashley Closson

Awesome Adoption

This award recognizes a firm with outstanding change management and user adoption strategies. Firms that led the charge in implementing Litify or another software solution — while being thoughtful, knowledgeable, proactive, and dare we say making it fun?!

Congratulations to Keches Law Group, Lundy Law, and Richard Harris Law Firm for successfully driving adoption across your firms!

Lundy Law presenting their workshop on implementation and adoption best practices

Litify Admin of the Year

This award recognizes a Litify admin who’s made a difference at their firm and positively impacts the day-to-day workflows of their team. With a plethora of Litify expertise, they’ve built some outstanding operations and best practices.

Congratulations to Natasha Diemer of Domnick Cunningham Yaffa, Diem Tran of Berg Injury Lawyers, and Kendall Ann Bailey of Pandit Law for building some really cool sh*t in Litify!

Natasha Diemer presenting her workshop on streamlining business operations

Litify Dashboard of the Year

This award recognizes a firm with a unique approach to leveraging dashboards with real-time data in Litify to drive real business outcomes.

Congratulations to Taylor King Law and The Dominguez Firm for some top-notch dashboards and reporting efforts!

The Dominguez Firm accepting their award

Awesome Automation

This award recognizes a firm that’s rolled out automation with a significant impact by creating efficiencies and/or driving sky-high value.

Congratulations to DeMayo Law Offices, Pitta & Baione, and Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys for streamlining and automating their operations!

Pitta & Baione accepting their award

Innovator of the Year

New this year! For the first time, this award recognizes a firm that’s all-in on innovation — pushing the boundaries of what’s possible through their creative approach and perspective to technology.

Congratulations to Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers for receiving the first-annual Innovation award during this year’s conference!

Members of the Daniel Stark team

What Litify CEO Curtis Brewer had to say:

“We’re thrilled to celebrate this group of forward-thinking firms that have embraced technology and innovation across their organizations. By committing to transforming their legal processes, these firms have streamlined both their day-to-day business operations and the service they provide to their clients, and are positioning themselves to win in a competitive market.”

Team Litify
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