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The Probate Pro: 5X Case Volume With Litify

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The Probate Pro: 5X Case Volume With Litify

“We could never have come close to achieving the success we’ve seen without using a solution that has the performance and power that Litify has provided to us,” — Darren Findling, Founder & Attorney, The Probate Pro

The Probate Pro is a national one-stop probate coordination and probate and trust law firm. The firm has handled the estates of some well-known public figures, including that of the late Rosa Parks.

With physical offices in Michigan, Ohio, and Florida, and personnel across the country, The Probate Pro is the largest probate coordination firm in the nation. When Darren Findling founded the firm in 1994, his goal was to become the most successful probate firm in the country and redefine how probate services are delivered.

With big dreams and growth plans, The Probate Pro needed a centralized software solution that could evolve and scale with them — and Darren and the team found Litify.

Life before Litify

The firm previously used a variety of disjointed systems to manage their operations and there was a lack of communication from one system to the next. Employees were constantly switching between billing, calendaring, and accounting systems and manually inputting the same information in multiple places because none of them could be integrated.

“We were an organization that was held together by sticks and bubblegum, and we reached a point in our growth that if we were going to go further, we needed a holistic solution. But I hadn’t been able to find one that could meet the requirements of a probate firm or one that could keep up with my own vision for growth and scale in the future,” said Darren.

Business and performance insights are also very important to the firm. They wanted to be able to track and manage every data point, but with such a hodgepodge of systems, this level of reporting was massively difficult — if not nearly impossible.

While Darren and the team tried to address these inefficiencies in different ways, the disparate technologies were ultimately holding them back, and couldn’t scale to accommodate further increases in growth, complexity, or case volumes.

Evaluating Litify

As The Probate Pro began evaluating a new solution, they knew they wanted an open platform that could integrate with other best-in-class tools and a flexible platform that would evolve with them. The team found Litify.

“I wanted the exact opposite of what we had before. Litify had already made a ton of progress in building the platform out for the legal industry, which gave us a solid foundation to run our probate practice. I realized that we could take the attributes of what they’d already built and evolve them into what we call the Probate Pro Way, rather than using another out-of-the-box system that would force us to adapt to their workflows,” says Darren.

The firm also liked that Litify was built on Salesforce, a business software already used by many Fortune 500 companies. This provided a trusted foundation for them to build from and came with the automation and flexibility they expected.

With Litify, Darren and the team also had the robust reports and dashboards they wanted. Every piece of information in the platform could be tracked and used to drive performance and change across the firm.

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Life with Litify

Since going live on Litify in 2022, The Probate Pro has reduced their prior redundancies and increased efficiencies across the business. The impact? The firm has doubled in size while increasing the number of files they manage by 500%. And with the platform's scalability and flexibility, The Probate Pro is well positioned to meet future growth.

According to Darren, “Whether we have 40 people or 400, Litify is there, and we know it’s going to work. We have the ability to keep absorbing and working with that volume and we don’t have to keep finding new platforms to support us. The added automation and efficiency also means that as we grow, we still have the ability to ‘do more with less’ — we’ve doubled our headcount but are growing our case volume far beyond that. We could never have come close to achieving the success we’ve seen without using a solution that has the performance and power that Litify has provided to us.”

What’s next

“We’re always dreaming up and implementing new ideas and processes within Litify — and rarely are we told that something that can’t be done. Leveraging technology like Litify is a big part of our strategy. We’re not just looking at other law firms and trying to replicate them. I want to model ourselves against the best businesses and technology companies, and Litify is part of that vision,” says Darren.