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Reyes Browne Law: 400% Growth Made Possible With Litify

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Reyes Browne Law: 400% Growth Made Possible With Litify

Reyes Browne Reilley is a Dallas-based personal injury law firm. They focus on representing plaintiffs in auto accident lawsuits, personal injury claims, business litigation, dangerous prescription drugs, product defect, and wrongful death lawsuits across the country.

The firm was previously using an on-premise version of Needles as its case management system. As the team continued to scale, Reyes Browne realized they needed a cloud-based and integrated solution that could bridge the gaps between their marketing, intakes, and customer relationships.

Since making the switch to Litify, the law firm has experienced 400+% growth that they’re confident couldn't have been possible on another solution.

From static spreadsheets to digital marketing dashboards

Reyes Browne argues that marketing your firm to prospective clients is the first step in scaling a law firm. However, before Litify, reporting on their marketing campaigns and performance was a challenge. They spent countless hours compiling information from different sources and then trying to format and analyze the data across multiple, static spreadsheets. It was taxing work, and it ultimately only gave them insights for that singular month-to-date or year-to-date point in time. The Reyes Browne team wanted something more dynamic, and their goal was to understand how specific campaigns were performing in real-time — at any given moment.

Litify’s open platform and robust, visual dashboards enable Reyes Browne to do that and more. Through its integrations and APIs, the Litify platform connects these disparate sources of unstructured, static data and centralizes it into dynamic insights. The team can now look at their marketing campaigns holistically — from impression shares and costs-per-click down to the cost per signed case to see how efficiently they’re spending their marketing dollars each day.

They didn’t stop there. Reyes Browne also set up automations to proactively serve marketing insights to relevant team members. For example, every time a case is signed, a notification is sent out to alert the social media team or the Google Ads team which channel and marketing campaign that case came from. This enables team members to see in real-time if and when a campaign is becoming especially effective to adjust strategies and spend in response.

While their digital marketing efforts will continue to evolve as the firm grows, Reyes Browne now has a firm grip on their campaign performance and is confident in their ability to scale their spend without sacrificing accuracy or efficiency. In fact, over the past year, they spent nearly the same in total, but generated exponentially more cases while reducing the cost to convert as Litify enabled them to evaluate performance and make smarter decisions faster.

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Unlocking growth that wouldn’t have been possible on another solution

After signing a new client, Reyes Browne also needs to effectively work their case. On their previous system, the marketing, intake, and case management workflows were disconnected and left them with a lot of manual data entry that was reliant on just a few individuals. This not only prevented the growth they desired but also caused breakdowns in their funnel and slowed their processes.

With Litify, all this work is centralized in a single solution. This enables Reyes Browne to connect the dots between their different departments — intakes can be converted into cases with the click of a button — reducing the repetitive tasks and data entry. And the team member who is assigned the case can easily access all the needed details and documents in one place.

The Reyes Browne team firmly believes they couldn’t get to this place without the right system in place to help streamline and standardize their processes and enable their people to reach their full potential. Litify has unlocked this exponential growth — with the firm growing 400% in the past year.