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Reyes Browne: 400% Growth Made Possible With Litify

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Reyes Browne: 400% Growth Made Possible With Litify

Reyes Browne Reilley is a Dallas-based, Marindale-Hubbell “AV-rated” (the highest rating in their system) personal injury law firm. They focus on representing plaintiffs in auto accident lawsuits, personal injury claims, business litigation, dangerous prescription drugs, product defect, and wrongful death lawsuits across the country. Since switching to Litify, the law firm has experienced 400+% growth.

The firm was previously using an on-premise version of Needles as their case management system. As the team continued to scale, Reyes Browne Reilley realized they needed a cloud-based and integrated solution that could bridge the gaps between their intakes, marketing, and CRM database.

“Having that data all in one place is so helpful because you can make quicker decisions and recognize market trends a lot of faster than others…Litify has given us the real-time data to drive those decisions and conversations,” says Nicholas Erickson, CMO & CTO at the firm.

Now with Litify in place, the Reyes Browne Reilley team has the centralized solution they need to continue growing at this exponential pace while enabling their team to work more effectively. In fact, Nicholas Erickson says that this wouldn’t have been possible on any other system.

We sat down with Nicholas himself to learn more:

P.S. Hear from Nicholas Erickson in his LitiQuest Plaintiff presentation, Scaling for Success: Leveraging KPIs & Reporting to Develop Talent at Your Firm