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Pogust Goodhead: 4X International Growth

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Pogust Goodhead: 4X International Growth

“There is no law firm out there doing the cutting-edge, ground-breaking work of Pogust Goodhead, and these changes will ensure we take things to the next level. We are only just getting started.” – Tom Goodhead, CEO and Global Managing Partner

Pogust Goodhead is an international international law firm headquartered in London, England. The firm consists of 100+ attorneys and 500+ staff members located in six countries across the globe. Pogust Goodhead is at the forefront of UK group consumer claims, representing millions of clients throughout the world and securing historic settlements in the Volkswagen NOx emissions group litigation in May 2022 and the British Airways data breach claim in 2021.

Most recently, the firm secured a landmark judgment allowing 700,000+ victims of the Mariana dam disaster, Brazil’s worst-ever environmental disaster, to seek redress against BHP, the world’s largest mining company, in the courts of England and Wales.

As a young, innovative firm, Pogust Goodhead aims to remain at the forefront of the rapidly evolving class action litigation space — so they came to Litify to support their continued growth and expansion.

Before Litify

Two key challenges presented by the firm’s previous case management system were the slow speed at which the technology was advancing and its inability to integrate with other key technologies. This was impeding their growth and made it difficult to service their clients. As a group litigation firm, Pogust Goodhead has millions of clients, and they needed to be able to scale that service effectively.

It was also difficult to extract data from the system, and because it wasn’t integrating with other systems, they were faced with fragmented insights. Overall, the system felt very behind and didn’t fit with the innovative vision the young firm had.

Evaluating Litify

While looking for a new solution, Pogust Goodhead found Litify to be the best in terms of case management and robust reporting. They also preferred that the Litify platform was built on top of Salesforce, a powerful and flexible business software. The APIs and integrations that come with Salesforce are well-known and well-supported, and the firm would be able to enjoy the same benefits through Litify.

In addition to being highly flexible to the firm’s business needs, Litify is also a no-code, cloud-based solution, which aligned with Pogust Goodhead’s innovative approach.

Life With Litify

With Litify, the firm is now able to constantly evolve as their business grows. The team is always looking at new ways to optimize processes, reduce costs, and increase revenue — and technology is at the heart of their legal practice.

Automated intakes and marketing insights

With over a million clients, Pogust Goodhead would need an army of people to serve them in a traditional method. Instead, with Litify, they can configure automated workflows that nudge clients along the conversion funnel at specific intervals. If a client signs up or hasn’t completed their intake questionnaire, the firm triggers an automatic email. A few days later, if the client still hasn’t completed it, they can trigger an additional reminder via email or text message.

Eventually, the workflow will automatically create and assign a task for a phone call to the client. Prior to Litify, nearly every single client would receive a phone call, but automated workflows like this have helped the firm scale their outreach effectively.

Pogust Goodhead has transformed their marketing approach in parallel with their technology strategy. In real time, they can now manage and track their digital marketing and lead-generation efforts and process those leads into clients.

According to their team, “that’s what’s added the true IP and value for us…we now have full insight and control of the key parts of the client process, from the campaigns that get them through the door to, ultimately, a case that gets settled.”

The impact

Without Litify, Pogust Goodhead feels the firm wouldn’t be able to expand internationally and continue growing at the same rate. As the business continues to evolve, the platform is flexible enough to evolve with them. Today, the firm is serving nearly two million clients, but as they scale to five or even ten million clients, they will be faced with new processes and opportunities to effectively manage that volume.

“Traditionally, law firms have always added headcount to meet demand, but as we’ve grown to where we are today, it’s not possible to have thousands of staff processing clients and managing those relationships. We just wouldn’t be able to reach this scale without using technology like Litify,” said the team.

With Litify in place, Pogust Goodhead can easily configure their legal solution to run the business efficiently while providing the best client experience, now and in the future.