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Manage Your Team With One Platform: Phillips Law

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Manage Your Team With One Platform: Phillips Law

“Life wasn’t too bad before we switched to Litify,” said Austin Camp, marketing director and intake manager at Phillips Law Firm, a personal injury law practice with multiple offices in Washington State.

After all, they were already using a software platform that put them ahead of the curve.

However, the software wasn’t built for the legal industry. Camp and his team had to spend a lot of time and energy on customizing the platform to match their workflow and process.

It wasn’t as simple as finding a developer to write some code either. Contractors who have knowledge of the legal industry are rare to come by.

The team had to spend hours on the phone discussing their workflow and explaining their business model.

Most developers’ lack of understanding of the legal industry had limited the firm’s ability to fully utilize the latest software technology.

Not to mention, the cost of customizing the system increased as the business grew, the processes became more complex, and the number of clients increased.

Litify: a Cost-Effective Solution With Access To Superior Knowledge

Since switching to Litify in April 2017, Phillips Law Firm has enjoyed the speed and efficiency of a software system tailored to the needs of attorneys and law firms.

They were able to reach more potential clients in much less time with the same amount of resources. The team increased their productivity without incurring additional expenses.

In the past, it took an agent 45 to 60 minutes to execute the intake process over the phone. Now, the streamlined workflow only takes 25 to 30 minutes.

“In the 6 months we’ve been using Litify for intake management, our new client conversion rate has increased almost 7% without any additional ad spending or staff changes. The efficiency in which we can now track, report, and manage the team has made the difference,” said Camp.

The built-in automation has further increased the speed of which a case is processed. With everything on one platform, the team no longer needs to bounce among multiple software, devices, and logins to get the job done.

“Litify increases productivity and efficiency so much so that we’re able to reduce our workforce by two medium-priced case managers even with the increased caseload. That translates into a savings of over $80,000 per year – Litify literally pays for itself!” said Glenn Phillips, owner of Phillips Law Firm.

Legal marketing: a dream comes true

Litify’s robust reporting functionality is a dream come true for Camp, a data-driven marketing professional.

“I can now measure all the marketing spending on new client acquisition, accurately attribute the ad dollars to every source, and track them all the way to conversion,” said Camp.

The metrics allow the firm to identify the most effective marketing methods so they can focus their resources on mediums that yield the highest ROI.

They can also track the activities throughout the entire sales process and evaluate performance at both team and individual level to identify inefficiencies.“Now I can tie the results of the intake department to specific metrics on the ad platform. I know exactly what works and what needs to be adjusted,” said Camp. “ The accuracy and transparency of data have made a big difference in how we market the business.”

In addition, the ability for law firms to send and receive referrals through the Litify Referral Network is an innovative way of connecting law firms while allowing the marketing department to leverage word-of-mouth for lead generation.

Referrals are tracked automatically so Camp’s team can see them all the way through without spending the extra time and manpower on following up.

Mobile access improves responsiveness and client service

Litify’s mobile app has vastly improved the team’s ability to service the firm’s clients.

Attorneys can now interface with clients no matter where they are – at home, at the office, or at the local café. They can get everything done on one platform, no matter where they are.

All the information is synced up in real-time so they no longer have to spend time uploading documents and inputting notes when they return to the office.“Litify is everywhere I go, the mobile interface is second to none. It’s robust and user-friendly. I can access the entire platform on the fly, whether I’m in a meeting or on the golf course, and be able to do my job effectively,” said Camp.