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Lynch Law: A World Of New Possibilities

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Lynch Law: A World Of New Possibilities

Lynch Law Firm has enjoyed decades-long success as a New Jersey-based personal injury firm, largely in part because the partners aren’t static, but always challenging themselves to find a better way of running their business.

The only problem is, they didn’t have a practice management platform that could accommodate their growth and easily respond to the business changes they had a vision for.

“The older system, it just wasn’t working. It was so antiquated. We felt like we were just going to outgrow it,” shared Diego Suarez, Lynch Law Operations Manager.

When the firm learned about Litify at a seminar, they knew it was the solution they needed. Soon after, they became one of Litify’s first clients.

Cloud-based mobility for a firm on-the-go

The first thing that attracted Partner James Lynch to Litify was the fact that it was built on the cloud. Since their team often worked remotely, having an on-premise system was hindering productivity.

“That was obviously a big selling point for us off the bat,” said James Lynch.

Moving to the cloud tore down technological barriers, and helped eliminate disruptions in service.

If lawyers need to check the status of a case, retrieve a client contact, or generate a document, they can do it from home, while on vacation — even on their cell phones when they’re on-the-go.

“We have the ability to work as if we’re here, anywhere,” said James Lynch.

Dashboards support better business decisions

Another obstacle blocking efficiency was the firm’s inability to quickly run reports on their intakes, matters, and fees.

Prior to Litify, Lynch relied on spreadsheets, which required a lot of time to update and maintain. Running a report required users to have to “jump through hoops and hurdles.”

With Litify dashboards, everyone in the firm can now quickly make sense of their data.

“Dashboards update automatically and are interactive. And we found that to be probably the single biggest advantage of the Litify system as opposed to competitors,” said Partner Arthur Lynch.

“We can see that okay, maybe we’re not doing enough to get cases in or maybe there’s a lull in new intakes or new business. We can see that on a month over month basis and it helps us make decisions with regard to marketing, advertising, and staffing,” shared James Lynch. “It helps us manage our bottom line.”

With personalization, Lynch Law makes their vision a reality

When Lynch Law Firm looks at the data and decides to implement a new change to their operations, they’re now able to make it happen thanks to Litify’s flexibility.

“We are always curious and we’re tinkerers, so every day we’re kind of playing around with: ‘Well can we do this? Can we do that? Should we try to do this?’” shared Arthur Lynch.

“What we do and how we do it is something that’s never static, it’s always in motion, we’re always trying to look for a better way of doing something, and I think Litify certainly has helped.”

One example of how they take advantage is by tailoring the platform to fit the needs of each department. Medical malpractice doesn’t need the same fields as workers’ compensation, so the firm changes the fields accordingly to best serve each user.

“We were used to — I don’t know how many years — of the old system where we were limited. So our mentality was limited. Litify opened our world up to different possibilities,” said Mr. Suarez.

“I’ve always told the partners here Litify is one of the best decisions that we’ve made. With Litify, with the ability to change, to update, to add new things…to me, it blows other systems out of the water.”

Extensibility ensures Lynch will never outgrow Litify

Lynch has helped clients for 25 years, and they don’t see that ending anytime soon. Because of that, it was important they had a platform that could withstand time.

“Some of the older ones if you added one more person it would slow down, it would not run correctly,” said Arthur Lynch.

That’s a problem for Lynch who has grown since implementing Litify.

Not only can Litify handle additional users, but it can also keep up with changes in legal technology, helping Lynch stay up-to-date with the latest tools.

“People want answers right away,” Arthur Lynch shared. “So, having the information accessible, and having the ability to just deal with the client concern, address their concerns right away, being able to communicate with them with text message and email are the future. That’s what we see.”

“We think that we can grow with Litify indefinitely,” said James Lynch.