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One Platform Wins On Price, Function, And Personalization

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One Platform Wins On Price, Function, And Personalization

“This combination of pricing, functionality, and customization was important to us. And while Litify may have been on the higher end in terms of pricing, we felt the features included were extremely robust and the level of customization was unmatched. There wasn’t another software package that did everything Litify does all-in-one.” — David Bernard, Partner, Staines, Eppling & Kenney, LLC

Staines, Eppling & Kenney is a Louisiana-based insurance defense law firm, handling a variety of practice areas from Admiralty & Maritime Law to Workers’ Compensation and Commercial Trucking. SEK currently employs 16 attorneys and is growing as they’re expanding their office while looking to hire a handful of lawyers in the coming year. As the firm has grown and evolved over the past five years, they needed a cloud-based system that could better support their needs.

When David first began as an Attorney at the firm, he and the team were using PracticeMaster, but as the firm began expanding and wanted to attract the next generation of talent, it became time to make a change. The workload of trying to develop business while also being a practicing attorney became overwhelming — and he noticed many of the attorneys “were drinking out of a firehose.” After that, it became a sink-or-swim type of circumstance, where they could have kept with this antiquated software and this idea of “doing things the way they’ve always been done” or they could make a change.

We had the privilege of speaking with David Bernard, Partner at the firm, about SEK’s software evolution, and why they ultimately decided on Litify as their legal software of choice.

Litify is what you need to stay ahead of the competition. Want your firm to get ahead like Staines, Eppling & Kenney? Get your free demo of Litify today.