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Johnson Law: Litify Is The Obvious Choice

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Johnson Law: Litify Is The Obvious Choice

For Anthony Johnson, founder of the Johnson Firm, adopting cutting-edge technology in his practice is second nature thanks to his diverse background in SEO/Web development, Internet startups, and finance.

Before implementing Litify, Johnson had tried seven legal platforms, none of which offered the level of functionality and flexibility that met his needs.

He had used one of the market’s top software platforms. It was very challenging to adapt the software to his practice due to the lack of legal industry-specific structure or workflow.

He also tried software platforms built for lawyers. However, he wasn’t satisfied with the functionalities of the software and the quality of the support.

In addition, some of the software was very rigid, forcing customers to rely on the provider to make any customizations.

Since the Johnson Firm has a unique business model that requires extensive customization, those platforms simply weren’t a practical solution.

Versatile legal software built for lawyers

Johnson was relieved to find Litify, which is built on the robust Salesforce platform, designed for the legal industry, and offers the flexibility and support so he could customize the software for his unique business model. “Choosing Litify is a no-brainer,” said Johnson.

After years of using two separate systems – one for intake and sales and another for case management – and having to deal with the inefficiency of transferring data, Johnson was excited to finally have everything on one centralized platform.

Now all the data can be merged seamlessly and displayed on one dashboard so partners can see what’s happening in the firm with just a few clicks of the mouse.

In addition, when a piece of information is updated in one application (e.g., Intakes) the system automatically updates the same fields in other applications (e.g. Matters, Insights), helping the firm save time and reduce errors.

Referral network streamlines workflow and saves labor

The Johnson Firm has a unique business model with a heavy focus on referral.

In the past, employees had to manually email partners, keep track of the process, and follow up.

With Litify’s Referral network, the entire process is automated. Employees can see real-time updates on all the cases in one place.

“We’re saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on labor cost with this one feature alone,” said Johnson.

Real-time data drives marketing decisions

Like many other law practices, the Johnson Firm spends a healthy budget on marketing.

Litify’s tracking functionalities allow Johnson to get data and metrics in real time to help make important marketing decisions.

“Now I know how to get my marketing dollars to work harder for me,” said Johnson.

Quick and seamless transition

After implementing Litify in their practice, employees at the Johnson Firm were very satisfied with the platform.

Johnson smoothed out the transition by having the platform built out before sharing it with the team so the moment they hopped on board everything was functional with very few hiccups and frustrations.

“Litify was able to troubleshoot quickly during the initial implementation. All major issues were fixed within the first day or two,” said Johnson. “Working with Litify is the best experience I’ve had with any software company. After implementing 7 software platforms for my businesses, I can say that Litify has the best customer support and onboarding process.”

Salesforce, being one of the most user-friendly and intuitive CRM tools, has a modern and easy-to-use interface. New hires are able to start using the software right away with minimal training.

Getting the most out of Litify

Recognized as one of America’s “Techiest” Lawyers, Johnson understands how to work with technologies so they work for his business.

Just like many of Litify’s tech-savvy clients, Johnson was very involved in the design and customization of the platform to ensure successful implementation.

Right after he signed on with Litify, Johnson flew to Brooklyn to meet with the Litify team in person to discuss his requirements.

“Make a point of investing the time upfront to configure your system and train your employees,” said Johnson. “A software platform is only as good as the team supporting it and the people using it.”

In addition, Johnson appreciates how the Litify platform has industry best practices built into the workflow.

“The Litify team has more experience building platforms for lawyers than the lawyers themselves,” said Johnson. ”To get the most out of the software, we have to be open with being an old dog learning new tricks.”

A game-changing software platform for the legal industry

Litify’s robust tracking capability and well-organized dashboard allow Johnson to run a data-driven business.

“Data changes the entire business model. Just having the information will change how you make decisions,” said Johnson.

He also appreciates how the platform’s robust integration allows his team to collaborate and communicate effectively.