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Handle More Cases With the Same Headcount

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Handle More Cases With the Same Headcount

“We’ve already been able to measure our performance far better in terms of time on desk average settlements, what cases are worth, what insurance is available, which attorneys are meeting the metrics, and more. We’re going to see a lot more efficiency, which will ultimately enable us to handle more cases with the same headcount.”

Brown & Crouppen is one of the largest personal injury and mass torts law firms in the Midwest, located in St. Louis, Missouri. Since 1979, their attorneys have helped clients recover over $1 billion in compensation. Their lawyers bring experience in a wide variety of personal injury and mass torts cases, including car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, property liability, dangerous drugs, defective products, and wrongful death.

With 8 offices and more than 50 attorneys, the Brown & Crouppen law firm began looking for a legal practice management solution that could better fit their needs. Since then, the firm has implemented Litify and has been using the platform for over a year. We sat down with a member of the team to learn more about how they’re using Litify every day.

The beginning of the journey

Q: What were the challenges that led you to start looking for a new legal solution?
Prior to Litify, we were using Needles for about 10 years. But we’re a very data-driven firm and we process a lot of information that we need at our fingertips and Needles wasn’t providing the level of efficiency and effectiveness that we needed. The type of information we were putting into the system wasn’t available for us to drill down into the nitty gritty of what’s happening in a particular case, or even really to see what was happening at a high-level.

When we could pull certain data, we’d have to export it to Excel and mash up all these different spreadsheets into a single view. We really struggled to get a full picture of what was happening with a specific matter or what was happening with all of a single attorney’s matters.

We’d actually been looking for a new solution for a while before we decided to make the switch to Litify, but it had also been a challenge to find anything in the market that was offering what we wanted and needed — which was full configuration. We wanted to be able to say, “here is what’s important to us as a firm to be able to see on a daily basis, or a weekly basis, and we want to login and see this instantly.” Everything we saw was falling flat and we couldn’t find a solution where they could really dig deeper and offer that level of customization.

Q: How important was security when evaluating the right software?
Security was of the utmost importance. We take our clients’ data very seriously and want to ensure it’s protected at all times. That was a big reason we chose Litify. We know it’s built on Salesforce and there are thousands of people working on Salesforce every day to ensure it’s secure and operating properly at all times. It was our first time transitioning to a cloud-based system and we feel very secure with our data in Litify.

Life after Litify

Q: How does your firm use Litify each day?
Litify is now our hub for everything. We’re integrating our other systems to the platform so it can be our centralized platform for everything — DBSync for our accounting, HubSpot for our marketing, Lexitas for our medical record ordering, and Simpplr for our employee intranet. Our aim is to use Litify as the starting point for everything and then go from there.

We’re going to be integrating with our human resources system so that we can pull time off into your Litify calendar, see who’s in the office, and do some really exciting things on the horizon. This is where our whole lives are managed along with the lives of our clients and Litify makes it so much easier to execute your full day in one place.

Our attorneys also really love the mobile app and the access that they can now have while they’re on the go.

Q: What has been the biggest value added from using Litify so far?
Automation and organization is really important to us. Some of our attorneys and paralegals handle 200+ files, so keeping those organized in a way that they don’t have to click into each matter to see what’s going on and saving those steps was really important.

That was our ultimate goal: saving steps. We’re going to save some clicks, we’re going to save some data entry through automation. There are certain expenses that happen on every file and we’ve set up flows that when a matter is open and one of those expenses is added, we only have to fill in the one field and the other six populate based on the criteria of that one. It’s actually been really unique and engaging to try to figure out these puzzles and see how we can save steps.

Our firm does a lot of mass tort work as well. We’re working on using Litify to completely eliminate all the spreadsheets and manual parts of the process for our mass torts business. That work doesn’t happen on a matter by matter basis. It involves a huge group of people all in the same process, so we’re creating efficiencies there where we can duplicate data between matters and have this added layer of automation to make that day-to-day data entry far easier than it was previously.

Q: What metrics are you able to measure that you weren’t able to before using your old system?
We’ve already been able to measure our performance far better in terms of time on desk average settlements, what cases are worth, what insurance is available, which attorneys are meeting the metrics, and more. We’re going to see a lot more efficiency, which will ultimately enable us to handle more cases with the same headcount.

Q: How about customer satisfaction?
I believe using Litify will improve our customers’ experience too, in addition to our team’s. We’re using the platform to provide a really high-level overview of exactly what is happening with each matter at any given time. As soon as an attorney is on a call with a client, he can see the insurance, he can see their injuries, and where we’re at with the negotiations all in a single view. He doesn’t have to click around to different places and try to piece the puzzle together. We’ve created a really nice package for them to know exactly what’s happening, and this helps them sound knowledgeable and helpful to clients.

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