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Brooklyn Defenders: Centralizing Systems Into Source of Truth

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Brooklyn Defenders: Centralizing Systems Into Source of Truth

"The Litify and BRIO teams have become true partners to BDS. Not only do they understand our needs within the legal field, but they are also genuinely invested in helping us achieve our goals for our clients and our organization," Lisa Schreibersdorf, Executive Director, Brooklyn Defender Services

In addition to the law firms and corporate legal departments Litify serves, there’s an entire ecosystem of “legal-like” organizations looking for a flexible and scalable legal solution — such as Brooklyn Defender Services.

Brooklyn Defender Services is one of the largest public defender offices in the US, with 500 attorneys on staff and upward of 30K+ cases each year. Their mission is to “work, in and out of court, to protect and uphold the rights of individuals and to change laws and systems that perpetuate injustice and inequality.”

Before Litify, their teams were utilizing four different case management systems, none of which provided the robust data collection, reporting, and integration they needed to perform this critical work for their clients. This was especially challenging due to their multi-disciplinary approach to working with clients: case conflicts across the various systems weren’t always proactively surfaced before an attorney started work.

Their goal was to develop a solution that could be tailored to each practice and professional, keep up with their high-volume caseload, and be operated in a remote environment. However, a solution that could grow with them and be tailored to the nuance of each practice group was difficult to find — until Litify. 

Litify offered BDS a remarkably thought-out, complete, and user-friendly solution. Their interdisciplinary team of attorneys, social workers, paralegals, admin staff, and investigators can now proactively manage caseloads, integrate documents, and keep track of actions on cases in real-time — achieving the best outcomes for clients while streamlining and simplifying their workflows. And with a conflict check tool built into the platform, they have over one million names that will be automatically searched against each time an attorney takes on a new case.

Watch more in this video with Brooklyn Defenders General Counsel Kelli McTaggart:

“We are honored to partner with an organization that provides such incredible assistance to the community in which we’re headquartered, and proud that Litify will play in its continued success,” Terry Dohrmann, Co-Founder, Litify and