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Full Go Live in Just 90 Days

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Full Go Live in Just 90 Days

“I was very surprised by how easily we were able to start working with Litify and get it up and running. Within the first six months, I can already pull data that I need and be able to see and track how well my staff attorneys are performing.” — Sarannah McMurtry, SVP, General Counsel, Acceptance Insurance

Acceptance Insurance is an insurance agency headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee that sells insurance and related products underwritten and serviced by their own insurance companies (known as the First Acceptance Insurance Group) and through third-party carriers. Their operations generate revenue from sales in 17 states and from underwriting their own insurance company products in 15 of those states.

As a leading property and casualty insurance organization with thousands of staff and hundreds of supporting agents, Acceptance’s in-house legal department handles a large volume of work.

In order to enhance their ability to process the current workload while preparing for additional demands on the department, Acceptance Insurance recognized that their existing dedication to the Salesforce application could be extended to help achieve those goals. They chose Litify for this purpose.

Built on top of Salesforce, Litify is helping Acceptance build operational excellence by upgrading key legal department processes with greater automation, including legal service requests, document management, workflows, and reporting.

We sat down with Sarannah McMurtry, SVP, General Counsel at Acceptance Insurance to learn more.