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Our Top 10 Sessions To See At CLOC 2023

Team Litify
Events & Webinars
Enterprise Legal Management

Our Top 10 Sessions To See At CLOC 2023

Team Litify

Being the new kids on the “BLOC” at last year’s event, Team Litify is excited to return as a sponsor for CLOC Global Institute 2023, the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium’s annual education and networking event. Happening May 15-18, DocuSign, ECFX, Epiq, Hyperion, iManage, Litify, NetDocuments, and countless others are on-site to help you unpack the new trends and operating strategies that legal professionals are laser-focused on this year.

With that, here are the top 10 sessions to see at this year’s conference. Enjoy!

1. Foundations of Legal Ops: Starting Your Journey to Career Success

The legal operations profession is growing and thriving with limitless opportunities — and it’s welcoming new leaders with diverse (often non-legal or non-lawyer) backgrounds. Knowing the terms, expectations, and functions can be overwhelming when first stepping into the role. This foundational session will provide you with a better understanding of the fundamentals and importance of this function to an organization.

If you’re just starting out in legal operations, this session will set you up for success with insights from these epic leaders:

  • Adam Becker, Director of Legal Operations, Cockroach Labs
  • Laura Dieudonnè, Legal Operations and Administration Director, Delta
  • Angela Mendenhall, Senior Manager of Legal Operations, Convoy
  • Carl Morrison, Chief of Staff, modCounsel
  • Richard Robinson, Director of Legal Operations and Litigation Support, Toyota
  • Jennifer Stalnaker, Contract Specialist, Delta
  • Tom Stephenson, VP of Community & Legal Operations, — and host of the Dear Legal Ops podcast

Monday, May 15 | 1-5pm | Pre-Event Workshop

2. Roundtable Lunch: Best Practices for Change Management and User Adoption

Change is hard — but this session can help! Many organizations struggle with change management and may not realize the full value of their technology investments. Presented by iManage, this interactive roundtable will highlight critical success factors and best practices in driving user engagement and firsthand perspectives on technology implementations.

The best way to manage through change management is to choose a solution with equal parts great technology and great service. If you’re in the market for new software, read up on the five traits of a partner like Litify that will make your team relieved they finally made the switch.

Learn more about our brand-new, native integration to iManage!

Tuesday, May 16 | 12-1pm | Bellagio 7

3. Building A World-Class Legal Ops Function: Practical Insights From Legal Leaders

To transform your legal department into a value center, join this panel of accomplished general counsels and legal ops experts for a strategic conversation around building a world-class function. You’ll hear how others have set a strategic vision for their team (while getting buy-in and visibility from executive stakeholders!), known it’s time for new technology, and scaled their teams while avoiding common pitfalls. Even better, this advice will come from these legal leaders:

  • David Lancelot, Former Vice President, Global Head of Legal, eBay Classifieds Group
  • Megan Niedermeyer, Chief Legal Officer,
  • Gary Spiegel, Former SVP & GC, Anaplan, Inc.
  • Akshay Verma, Director, Head of Legal Ops, Coinbase

Tuesday, May 16 | 1:30-2:20pm | DaVinci 1 & 2

4. Mary O’Carroll On The Next Frontier of Legal Work: Generative A.I.

Almost overnight, artificial intelligence has become a trending topic and the next big thing in legal. Join Ironclad Chief Community Officer Mary O’Carroll for a candid conversation on what generative A.I. can really do for your business and how it’s already changing the game in our industry. If you’re exploring these tools, this session will help you stay ahead of the curve and maximize the impact of this new technology. Download the Litify 2023 State of AI in Legal Report for more perspectives on artificial intelligence!

Tuesday, May 16 | 2:40-3:10pm | Raphael

5. Maximizing Value in Outside Counsel Relationships: Perspective From Legal Ops Leads And Law Firms

If you’ve joined Mary O’Carroll in the Raphael breakout room, we encourage you to stick around for this next session. Leaders from Travelers Insurance, American Express, MassMutual, Goodwin, and Faegre Drinker will share insights and experiences from their respective journeys to maximize the value of their client-firm relationships. 

And in this exclusive webinar with Litify, Amtrust AVP of Litigation Dan Jacobs shared how they’re maximizing outside counsel relationships via shared performance data. From shared dashboards to a custom-built tool that auto-ranks panel counsel, Amtrust will excite you to learn more in this session! 

Tuesday, May 16 | 3:30-4:20pm | Raphael

6. Real Talk with Ciena and Meta About Digital Contract Management Implementations

Almost ⅔ of legal departments are looking to improve their contract management, but the goals and objectives of these initiatives can vary widely — there’s no one size fits all. Whether you’re looking to decrease the overhead costs of high-volume, un-negotiated contracts, identify data from contracts to improve operations and mitigate risks, or integrate your contract management solution with your other systems of record, this session is for you. These speakers from Ciena, Uber, Meta, and DocuSign will each discuss their own implementation priorities, where they started, and how they define and measure success: 

  • Jonathan Johnson-Swagel, Sr Manager Legal & Business Operations, Uber
  • Brian Kelly, Deputy General Counsel, DocuSign
  • Nicola Martin, Senior Director, Contract Management, Ciena
  • Julian Tsisn, Director, Global Legal and Compliance Technology, Meta

Wednesday, May 17 | 10:30-11:20am | Monet 3&4

7. No Pressure: You’re Building a Legal Operations Function from the Ground Up

If you’re one of the first legal ops hires or have just started at a new company, your work will positively impact this function and other company departments as well — connecting legal to the rest of the business. Join this presentation for insights into how a legal operations leader can approach this ecosystem to have an immediate impact while poising the department for scalability over time. You’ll walk away with a checklist of the common responsibilities and technology you need to get started, plus exclusive insight and perspective from these panelists:

  • Adam Becker, Director of Legal Operations, Cockroach Labs
  • Tommie Ferreira, Senior Director, Head of Legal Operations, Cedar
  • Samy Sadighi, Vice President, Legal, DIRECTV

Wednesday, May 17 | 1:30-2:20pm | Davinci 3&4

8. Bold Visions For the Future Legal Department

What might an AI-driven legal department look like? How can you execute your diversity and inclusion initiatives? The legal industry is ripe with innovation, and legal departments everywhere have the potential to look vastly different in the next 5, 10, and 20 years. We recommend joining this session to hear firsthand about these visions for change and how you can start pushing your own team forward. 

And in the meantime, get a sneak peek into how an ELM platform can support your diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Wednesday, May 17 | 2:40-3:10pm | Davinci 3&4

9. Pushing the Frontier: How Applied Data Science Transformed Legal Innovation at Google

Data science can fundamentally transform legal decision-making, operations, and even the role of legal within an organization. Google’s Global Patents Team pioneered embedding data scientists within a legal team, working hand-in-hand with legal professionals. After years of experimentation, Steve Gong, Patent Counsel Head of Data Science and Patent Operations, is sharing what can be accomplished and the journey to get there. You’ll leave this session ready to take advantage of data science in legal and create a superstar team to push the frontier of legal innovation.

Thursday, May 18 | 10:15-10:45am | Monet 3&4

Bonus: CLOC Talk Live

We love the CLOC Talk podcast, so couldn’t pass up the opportunity to recommend this exciting live taping! Starting at 11am in the Tower Ballroom, join Netflix’s Director of Legal Operations & Technology Jenn McCarron for CLOC Talk Live.

Team Litify would love to connect with you at CLOC and give you a sneak peek into how our dynamic ELM solution can make your team more effective. Swing by our booth #638 or visit us virtually to schedule a meeting today!

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