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Litify Referral Network Surpasses 1,000 Daily Referrals

Team Litify
Litify News

Litify Referral Network Surpasses 1,000 Daily Referrals

Team Litify

Litify’s referral network (LRN) has recently surpassed 1,000 daily referrals. Each day, hundreds of law firms from across the country are connecting with one another in an effort to place the right cases in the right hands — all while seeking to serve the good of the client.

LRN’s member network has steadily grown over the years. In a grassroots, word-of-mouth style, Litify has been able to construct the most trusted and expansive referral network for law firms throughout all 50 states. Launched over two years ago, the LRN platform was Litify’s first available product and has revolutionized how law firm engagement is carried out within the legal space. In doing so, LRN’s free model has developed an open digital territory that has enabled law firms of varying specialties and sizes to cross paths in an equally beneficial way.

Interested in Joining Litify’s Referral Network?

Joining the world’s biggest and most effective law firm referral network is both simple and free. With the opportunity to gain new business and develop new industry partnerships, joining the LRN is an easy decision.


With an expanding member network of law firms of all sizes from across the country, Litify has been proud to cultivate this web and mobile-based platform that enables the community of law professionals to grow their client base. As the LRN has surpassed 1,000 daily referrals, the member base of law firms is expected to increase alongside the success of its existing participants.

The LRN is the Right Choice for Your Law Firm

LRN simplifies the referral process in a centralized online portal. In doing so, law firms are able to send referrals with a few clicks, while receiving law firms are able to quickly analyze referral applications and determine if the client case is a fit or not. With built-in success metrics, referral status monitoring, and email notification integration, members are loaded with features that enable them to make data-driven decisions when sending and receiving referrals.

The LRN system provides comprehensive functionality to member firms and streamlines an often otherwise arduous referral process. Using the LRN is beneficial to:

  • Maintain comprehensive records of all referrals in one application
  • Receive and send more referrals when you join the Litify Referral Network
  • Monetize every referral by setting customizable referral agreements
  • Enhance your relationships with partner firms with Litify’s built-in success metrics
  • Receive referrals that are appropriate for your firm

While the LRN platform has transformed the referral system for good, it continues to receive updates that enhance the experience and capabilities of users. Substantial improvements have been made in the last 30 days, with a plan to unleash more powerful features to the LRN in the coming months. As a core piece to the Litify suite of products, the LRN will continue to see platform-specific upgrades throughout its lifetime.

Team Litify
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