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Litify + Deloitte: Modernizing Legal Teams to Meet New Business Obligations

by: Litify

November 11, 2022

We’ve announced a strategic alliance with Deloitte Legal Business Services! Through this partnership, we’ll help legal teams modernize and digitally transform their legal operations via our ELM technology, automation, and data-driven insights, alongside Deloitte’s legal business services. Litify’s modern approach to enterprise legal management paired with Deloitte’s experience advising legal teams on operational transformation will help our shared clients enhance the way they manage and deliver work.

Modernizing legal teams to meet new business obligations

The legal industry is continually evolving and our goal is to help legal departments meet their ever-changing obligations to the broader business by unlocking value through technology, process, and people. Legal process optimization requires all three.

“GCs are increasingly being seen as business leaders. They not only have a role to contribute to the business in a positive and proactive way but they’re also being asked to run a business that’s more efficient. We’re also seeing increasing fragmentation of the regulatory space, which makes business more complicated. Legal teams have pressures to be proactive, pressures to show up to the business in a new way, pressures to be efficient, and meanwhile, the block and tackle of understanding the regulations, commitments, and obligations of the company are getting more complicated. All that really sets the tone for a need to transform how you do business so that you create the space to show up in a whole new way,” says Léo Murgel, SVP & COO, Legal and Corporate Affairs at Salesforce.

Modern enterprise legal technology is the broader legal operations strategy that results in greater visibility, and an open environment that enables outside counsel to collaborate in a more seamless way. This increased transparency can help mitigate legal risks, reduce litigation costs, and enable firms to navigate shifting terrain in an efficient way — eliminating the silos the industry has worked in for so long and creating that space to show up in all-new ways.

Platformization is table stakes

Corporate legal departments face unique challenges in aligning their people, processes, and technology as modern, platform technology becomes mainstream for legal. As Litify continues to transform the way legal services are delivered, it’s important to us that we help legal teams manage this innovation through strategic alliances like this. By partnering with Deloitte, we can better help clients uncover (and solve) pain points, embrace automation, and drive greater efficiency and transparency throughout their processes.

As the fog lifts and there is more collaboration across legal teams, modern technology and process optimization will soon be table stakes for legal to meet the standards of a rapidly digitizing world.

You can read more about our strategic alliance with Deloitte in our official announcement.

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