Litify for CTO

Security and control backed by the world’s most powerful platform technology. As the CTO you can sleep easy at night knowing Litify is built on Salesforce – the gold standard in cloud security.

The Ultimate Tool In A CTO’s Toolbox

Litify provides a platform for all other technology-based solutions to run through. Built on Salesforce, security and flexibility is behind everything we do. Take control of data and information access down to the user across your entire organization – with the push of a button.

Security & Compliance

Built on Trust. Litify is powered by the world’s most secure platform, Salesforce. Multi-Factor Authentication & Secure Socket Layer Technology are among the plethora of ways to safeguard your valuable data.



AccessAppExchange is the leading enterprise cloud marketplace. That’s where you’ll find over 4,000 solutions to help extend Salesforce into any department.


Have full control over who sees what, all the way down to the field level. Use profiles and permissions to determine level of access to any record inside Litify.

Grow With Litify

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