Legal Marketing Software

Marketing departments need a platform that gives them the tools to consistently develop new clients and prove an ROI.

Legal Marketing Software for Law Firm Marketing Departments

In a vastly competitive landscape with high priced keywords and a difficult lead qualification process, legal marketing is not easy. Managing your campaigns and proving ROI should not make your job any harder. With an all in one legal management platform like Litify simplifying your day-to-day operations, you can now focus on what matters most -- what’s working.

Today’s Challenges

Law firms thrive with healthy lead pipelines, but marketing teams often face a variety of obstacles when working toward converting leads into clients. From lead value forecasting to impactful, cross-channel campaign insights, the lack of centralized and integrated tools can be holding back potential marketing success.

  • High Acquisition Costs
  • Lead Qualification and Evaluation
  • Case Value Forecasting

How Technology Helps Improve Marketing Efforts

With so many digital marketing opportunities and channels, information is often scattered across multiple platforms. Legal management software is rectifying this problem by streamlining third-party integrations and automating reporting and tracking -- all in one simple to use interface.

Data Integration

By consolidating a variety of third-party data and KPIs within one integrated platform, you are able to better organize and analyze factors like ad budget allocation, acquisition costs, lead attribution, and more.


When marketing and lead generation occurs in a vacuum, it can be difficult to predict the success of campaigns and the true value of leads. By integrating marketing efforts into a shared platform with the rest of your company, you are able to understand the full life cycle of a lead and continuously improve campaign performance.

Automation and Insights

With automated segmentation and touchpoints based on a potential client's information, teams can better gather signals and improve their qualification process -- moving leads through the sales funnel faster.

Platform Customization

Crafting individual dashboards enables team members to hand-select specific data points to monitor and share within the company, helping identify KPIs that lead to success. With advanced reporting and analytics tools, predicting lead value is no longer a guessing game.

Why Litify Benefits Marketing Departments

Litify removes a lot of lingering questions surrounding modern marketing. Built on Salesforce technology, streamlining marketing efforts becomes simple and time is no longer wasted on administrative tasks or hunting down data. The Litify platform empowers marketing teams to make data-driven decisions, helping improve the progress and outcome of campaigns.

Third-Party Compatibility

Lifty eliminates the frustration of dispersed data, allowing you to integrate all of your 3rd party applications under one roof. Integrations are available through the Salesforce AppExchange and dedicated Litify integration partners, giving you the ability to see the full picture, all in one place.

Streamline Intakes

With a dedicated product for lead intake, Litify is designed to help manage the progression of leads -- from start to finish. The handoff between the marketing department and intake specialist has never been simpler, ensuring that every hard earned lead is properly managed.

Advanced Reporting

Offering in-depth reporting and analytics, Litify helps organize key data points vital to assessing the success of your marketing campaigns. Efficiently track and report on your business’s critical KPIs and deliver easy to digest reports.

Customized Dashboards and Automation

The Litify platform prioritizes user experience through custom dashboard creation and targeted automation. Teams are able to structure their platform dashboard to reflect the most important KPIs and metrics to their specific role and eliminate time spent on time consuming administrative tasks.