Legal Management Software for Managing Partners

Managing partners need a platform that gives them the ability to make data-driven, informed business decisions.

Managing Partners

You have the vision to take your firm to the next level, but do you have the right tools? Litify helps you understand every detail of your practice and provides an all-in-one solution to grow and improve your firm.

Today’s Challenges

As leader of your firm, you’re often pulled in multiple directions. Managing the continued progress of your firm and overall caseload can become challenging as you face daily deadlines and other commitments. So when you are able to take a look into your firm’s performance, what challenges do you face?


  • Risk
  • Reputation
  • Transparency
  • Efficiency
  • Client Outcomes
  • Marketing

How to Improve Your Firm 
With Technology

As a managing partner, you’re looking to increase productivity, efficiency, and improve client outcomes. Through the power of an all-in-one legal management platform, law firms are able to step into a new era of company-wide growth with improved transparency and security.

Firm-Wide Transparency

Litify’s platform is built with transparency at the forefront. Managing partners need the ability to quickly and accurately gather data from different departments, employees, cases, and more -- in order to make informed business decisions. By using Litify, you have centralized access to all your tools and programs, easily share documents and plans across any department, and run in-depth reporting -- from your office or smartphone, anywhere, at any time.

Real-time data available via robust dashboards

Forecasting Success & ROI

What if you could better understand case cost, resource needs, and settlement payouts? Litify provides over 100 out of the box reports and gives you the ability to build custom dashboards that provide in-depth analysis into any area of your firm to start accurately forecasting. Litify’s robust reporting tools allow you to make informed decisions about how best to invest in your firm and achieve measurable results.

Improved Client Relations

Your firm’s growth is tied directly to the client experience. In a time when clients expect quick communication and easy access to case updates, offering user-friendly features goes a long way toward winning their approval.

Better Client Outcomes

Case management is the key to seeing improvements in client outcomes. With centralized organization and transparency, all employees touching a case can easily access, share, and manage pertinent documents, communication and case facts -- giving you more time to dedicate to the client and their case.

Increased Security

Built on Salesforce technology, Litify provides users with industry-leading security. As a leader at your firm, you seek the peace-of-mind knowing sensitive information is not at risk. With Litify’s cloud-computing platform, you can relax knowing your information is safeguarded by the same technology used by organizations like NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Improved Workflows

By implementing customizable automation, team members are freed up from administrative tasks that take away from other priorities. Processes are systematically followed because they are built into the platform, working the way you want your firm 
to operate.

Why Litify Benefits Managing Partners

As a business leader, you deserve the right management tool to make the best decisions. Developed as a scalable firm-wide solution, Litify helps propel law firms forward by leading decisions and processes with technology.

Built on Salesforce, customization for every department is now possible. The Litify platform can create the right solution for your firm to operate the way you want it to, now and in the future.

World Class Security

Litify leverages Salesforce’s cloud-based security features, built to safeguard the most sensitive data.


Quickly and efficiently manage communication, syncing your Outlook 
e-mail and calendar with Litify.

Client Portals

Provide clients with easy access to the case updates they need.


Create transparency around the status of cases, tasks, employee workload, and client outcomes through the entire case lifecycle.


Build confidence with potential clients and establish better outcomes with best practices for intake screening and customer relationship management.


Make data-driven decisions through customizable and automated reporting.

Integrations & Customization

Customize Litify to work the way that you do, with full point-and-click configuration, automation, integration through the Salesforce AppExchange & dedicated Litify integration partners, all in one easy to use platform.