Legal Management Software for Attorneys & Paralegals

Attorneys and paralegals need a robust tool to improve client outcomes and help manage their workloads.

Attorneys & Paralegals

Attorneys and paralegals power the success of any legal practice. However, many are still using outdated software and processes. Litify is an all-in-one platform that gives you the right tools to manage your caseload and ensure a better client experience.

You are the driving force at your law firm. Managing caseloads, communicating with clients, performing in-depth research, and more -- it quickly becomes overwhelming. Attorneys and paralegals need to be empowered with the right tools to succeed. Litify provides legal teams of any size and function, with an all-in-one solution -- a platform built to handle your and your clients' needs.

Today’s Challenges

As an attorney or paralegal, you’re often faced with a high volume of work in a small amount of time; mounting caseloads, short deadlines, tracking time, following matter progress, and providing clients with a positive experience.

  • Inefficient Workflows & Processes
  • Accuracy in Analytics
  • Time Consuming Administrative Tasks


  • Not Enough Time with Clients
  • Disorganized Document Management

How to Improve Outcomes 
With Technology

As an attorney or paralegal, you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops in order to send a document to a colleague or spend hours each week compiling emails and case facts from 3rd party sources. By using an all-in-one legal management platform, you can save time, better track goals, and provide a more personalized client experience.

Centralized Information & Workflows

Litify’s platform is fully customizable for your firm, allowing each team member’s specific needs to be met. Client communications, case files, documents, and reporting are all available on one platform, enabling you to find and use your existing technology and software in one platform, cutting out the hassle of searching for dispersed information. By streamlining your workflow, Litify helps reduce time waste and increase productivity.

In-Depth Reporting and Analytics

Following case progress has never been easier. With advanced reporting tools, a legal management platform enables attorneys and paralegals to accurately track time, tasks, and case progress. Client outcomes and time management become fully transparent and predictable across the practice.


Automate the busy work. Spend your time focusing on your clients and legal matters, and let a legal management platform help improve client relationships through personalized touchpoints and communication channels.

Client Focused Features

Clients make or break a law firm. Ensuring that you’re providing a world-class customer experience is vital to seeing success in your role. In a fast-paced, tech-savvy climate, clients want quick and easy communication. Litify caters to your clients by offering features like survey tools, secure client portals, and integrated email and text messaging.

Elegant and Intuitive Document Creation and Management

Document management can be messy. Docrio by Litify serves as an all-in-one solution for every document generation and management need.

Why Litify Benefits Attorneys and Paralegals

As an attorney or paralegal, you deserve a tool that makes your job easier. Spend less time focusing on documentation, meeting deadlines, and juggling caseload, and more time on your clients.

Built with Salesforce technology, customization for each area of your job is now possible. With the entire suite of Salesforce applications at your fingertips, the Litify platform can help best streamline your day into a simple and efficient workflow.

Personalized Workflows

Litify works the way that you do with no-code customization and optimization.

Automated Touchpoints and Tracking

Don’t waste time with repetitive emails and data entry. Utilize Litify’s automation to save time and stay better connected with clients.

Centralized Documents

Docrio is a simple and straightforward document management and generation platform built right into Litify. Build, edit, share and find the right file the first time, every time.

Client Portals

Provide a great client experience with secure, easy-to-use portals for billing, case management, and communication.

Third-Party Integration

Stop jumping between programs and tabs. Litify enables third-party integration with all your applications, saving time working in the same platform -- every day.