The New Way To Manage SSD Cases: The Litify-Assure Disability Integration

The most streamlined method of managing social security disability cases is here. Litify and Assure Disability have partnered on a new integration that drastically improves SSD case management.

Gone are the days of duplicate data entry and toggling in and out of multiple programs to manage your cases. With our new integration, you can manage your SSD cases more easily and efficiently.

Robert Higgins, owner / CEO of Assure Disability, chats with Litify CRO Terry Dohrmann about the new integration and the benefits each platform offers SSD law firms. 

Watch the conversation below.

Assure Disability: Determined to Bring Value to Firms and Claimants

Assure Disability was born from the need to give SSD claimants access to lawyers in their immediate areas. Higgins found his firm sending people all over the country, which put stress on his colleagues and didn’t always result in the best outcome for the claimants. Assure solves that problem by matching lawyers to nearby claimants and offering consulting and business services to firms across the United States.

Atlasware Cloud is the revamped version of a software provided to Assure’s clients. Atlasware collects SSD electronic records (EREs), organizes them, and makes them searchable, all at the click of a button. Using automation, machine learning, and natural language processing, Atlasware can automatically send letters to claimants about their cases, identify documents, and even do the bulk of the writing of legal briefs. Higgins says that with Atlasware, the several-hour brief writing process is cut down to about forty minutes, and they’re looking to cut that time in half again. Soon, Atlasware Cloud will also be able to automatically retrieve and index medical records, saving valuable time for firms and their clients.

Business Transformation Plus Practice Management

Assure Disability continues its track record of serving its clients by integrating with Litify. In the partnership, users are able to access case management tasks and check status updates on one platform, and data is moved between Atlasware and Litify seamlessly.

“To be able to display that information of someone’s entire portfolio in an instant, move on to Litify as a software, and not have to do a mass migration of data and information of every claimant is pretty astonishing,” says Higgins. Streamlining these processes will save firms time, keeping employees from needing to perform clerical tasks when they can be exercising their skills to assist their clients and win their cases.

“[The ability] to display that information of someone’s entire portfolio in an instant, move on to Litify as a software, and not have to do a mass migration of data and information of every claimant is pretty astonishing.”

Robert Higgins, CEO of Assure Disability

Higgins also touts the improvement in security that comes with the development and application of Assure’s integration on Litify. “As people migrate from their desktop CRM onto something like Litify, or their desktop Atlasware onto the Atlasware Cloud, they should rest assured that they’re becoming more cyber-secure rather than less because the vast majority of breaches happen through somebody infiltrating an individual desktop and not the web.” Desktop applications, he adds, are more prone to security breaches than cloud-based services. Firms and clients can trust that their cases are safe in Litify and Atlasware’s secure service.

Litify and Assure considered user experience as the integration was designed, and the result is an easy-to-navigate dashboard that provides the user with a thorough overview of their cases, the cases’ statuses, tasks that need to be completed and more.

The integration of Litify and Assure Disability goes beyond managing a practice and allows users to transform their business to better serve their users. At the end of the day, Higgins wants Assure Disability’s success to be passed to its clients and their claimants, stating, “We are here all day every day working very hard to make the integration with Litify and the Assure Disability and Atlasware product line as helpful for the claimant as it can be.”

Assure Disability Embraces Change in Case Management

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, SSD claims have skyrocketed and the SSA and law firms have been forced to adapt rapidly. Electronic signatures were expected to be the norm for SSD claims in the early 2000s, but only this year were they actually implemented. Hearings are now held virtually, so Assure Disability’s edge on keeping firms from transporting lawyers around the country is no longer applicable, but Higgins remains confident that Assure’s decision to integrate Atlasware with Litify is keeping their business ahead of the curve.

While Higgins hopes that firms can return to assisting clients in person, he understands that there will be lasting changes with many firms migrating to a technology-based approach. He says, “Stop pushing paper around your office and you start digging into what technology can offer, and the result is doing a better job for your client.”

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