Referral Management

Send, receive, and track referrals from hundreds of trusted partners.

Thousands of cases are referred every day on the Litify Referral Network. Log in to quickly find trusted lawyers anywhere in the country and across multiple practice areas, and easily track and manage inbound and outbound referrals right from your Litify dashboard. The best part? It’s free to join.

Find Trusted Partners

Find vetted attorneys nationwide from a variety of practice areas to handle your referrals. Not sure who to partner with? We’ll suggest the best-suited attorneys in our network for what you’re looking for.

Increase Your Case Count

Receive new referrals from the Litify Referral Network right in your inbox. Review and accept them from your email, without having to log into the Litify Referral Network.

Track the Progress of Your Referrals

Monitor every case right from your Litify dashboard. Maintain comprehensive records of all referrals in one application, just like any other matter in Litify, and see exactly when a case is resolved and fees are due.

Grow With Litify

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