Matter Management

Standardize case management and ensure best practice legal representation across your organization.

Create scalable processes around your most critical workflows. With Litify Matters, you can ensure employees know exactly what’s expected of them, identify challenges and roadblocks before they become a problem, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Customize To Support Every Case Type

Create matter plans specific to every case type and practice area your team practices. Modify processes, sequences, and templates as necessary to support your team as they evolve.

Replicate Best Practices at Scale

Ensure that every case is handled with maximum precision and care, regardless of the attorney assigned to it. Customize workflows to mandate data entry, automate client communications, or trigger approval processes.

Provide the Best Possible Client Experience

All related activity and correspondence–both external and internal–is recorded on the matter, up until its resolution. This ensures that every employee knows the latest history regarding each case, and can therefore provide the best service to every client.

Grow With Litify

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