Document Management

Save, search, or sort. Document management is simple and seamless with Docrio.

Say goodbye to your paper file cabinets once and for all. With advanced OCR search, drag-and-drop functionality, intuitive file structures, and features to support your digital mailroom, Docrio makes document management painless.

Search Beyond the File Name with OCR

Find the right file every time by filtering by document properties or searching by term. OCR (optical character recognition) allows you to search the text within every file, even PDFs and images, so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

Copy, Nest, and Move Document Folders

Organize your documents exactly the way you want to. Docrio lets you nest, move, and copy folders and all of their contents. You can even create templates for the folder structures that work best for your team that will automatically appear when you create a new record.

Easily Sort Scanned Mail With DocAssign

Move your mailroom to the cloud. Bulk upload scanned documents to Docrio, and assign files to the relevant record in Litify with a simple click. Unassigned documents will sit in your queue until you’re ready to review.

Safely Share and Save Documents

Secure user permissions ensure users can only view, upload, and edit the documents that they need to, while end-to-end file encryption prevents your data from being read by unauthorized users. Documents can be shared externally with password-protected links.

Eliminate Extra Steps to Upload and Sort

Docrio makes it easy to drag and drop files from your computer directly into the platform. Easily rename files, categorize, and assign to relevant records before immediately previewing newly uploaded documents.

End Document Overload

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