Legal Case Management Software for Personal Injury Law Firms

An all-in-one legal management platform that empowers personal injury law firms to obtain more cases and higher fees with less overhead.

Replicate Your Best Practices At Scale

Litify personal injury software combines intakes, case management, analytics, and more into a single, flexible platform that empowers you to run your law firm as effectively as possible. With our transparent and powerful software, data-driven decisions are possible, case management is simpler, and the client experience soars.

Enhance Client Relationships

Access all client data in one easily accessible location, and equip every staff member with the information they need to provide the best possible client experience. Automate updates and reminders to improve client trust and satisfaction.


Automate Repetitive Tasks

Personal injury case management software build custom workflows that automate routine tasks, like data entry or intake touchpoints, so that team members can focus their time on more high-value work. Ensure nothing falls through the cracks by triggering notifications, task management, and approvals.

Centralize Document Management

With Docrio personal lawyer software, your team can quickly create, share, save, and edit documents right from Litify. Easily create templates for routine documents like retainer agreements, organize and search scanned files, and even integrate Docrio with your digital mail service to automate outbound mail.

Access Real-Time Analytics

With our customizable dashboards, lawyers and legal staff can quickly monitor the metrics that are most relevant to them. Use our analytics to monitor case progress, oversee daily intake volumes, and evaluate individual/team performance.

Forecast Case Success

By centralizing all matter data, including client information, records, and outcomes of resolved cases, law firms are able to better predict outcomes and forecast success. Identify what a case is worth, and ensure attorneys don’t settle for less.

Transform Your Law Firm

Litify is more than just a collection of features—it’s a new way to think about how you deliver legal services.

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