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Improve Profitability with Repeatable Processes

High-grossing practices need automation to unlock hidden profitability. Standardize your best practices and use data to drive business results with Litify’s configurable Practice Management solution.

Improve Profitability with Repeatable Processes
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Increase Profits and Bill Realization

Improve attorney utilization by automating non-billable work, time capture, and invoice reviews, so every minute is billed on time according to client guidelines.

Improve Client Satisfaction

Justify higher rates by showcasing your results to clients using personalized dashboards. Win repeatable business based on performance, not price.

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Give your employees a modern, easy-to-use platform that improves their work experience and lets them showcase their skills.


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Acceptance Insurance testimonial

We are pleased with how collaborative the Litify onboarding process was and how quickly we were able to go live - less than 90 days! Litify has quickly allowed our group to prioritize our work and communities served by Acceptance.

Sarannah McMurtry
SVP/General Counsel, Acceptance Insurance

“It wasn’t just about selecting a great software, we also wanted to improve and standardize our firm’s process. We saw Litify as an opportunity to create something even better while helping us move forward with the times.”

Christopher Stratton
Senior Partner, Hightower, Stratton, Novigord & Kantor

“Technology like Litify is instrumental in proving value to our clients. Instead of racing to the cheapest bottom line, we now have the tools to show both complexity and quality of the litigation work we do.”

Jason Thomas
CIO, Cole Scott & Kissane

“There wasn’t another software package that did everything Litify does all-in-one. We’re big believers in the power of automation and implementing best practices to institutionalize and standardize work across the firm.”

David Bernard
Partner, Staines Eppling Kenney

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