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What is LitiQuest?

LitiQuest is a community of forward-thinking legal industry leaders who are collectively redefining the practice of law. Delivering the latest technology and legal trends in a multitude of formats, LitiQuest provides the insights leaders need to future-proof their businesses.

Attend a LitiQuest Live conference. Watch a LitiCast live-streamed event. Or participate in our slack group. The legal industry is rapidly changing, and we’re at the forefront. Join us.


We deconstruct the newest technology and legal trends. Then, we take a step back to evaluate overarching themes happening on a large scale and what’s driving them. How is technology changing the legal landscape? How can we use the newest advances to our advantage?

Get Inspired

LitiQuest provides a platform for some of the most innovative and brightest minds in the industry to share their expertise. These leaders will challenge your beliefs, help you see your business with a new perspective, and will ultimately light a fire underneath you to provoke growth.


Connect with like-minded professionals who want to improve their performance, grow their business, and make their clients’ lives better. Share best practices, discover new opportunities, and strengthen business and referral partnerships.

LitiCast Library

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