Streamline Your Social Security Disability Case Management

Access Assure Disability right in Litify. With the Litify-Assure Disability integration, you can find an independent SSD attorney, schedule a hearing, and manage the entire lifecycle of each SSD case in one place.

The Litify-Assure Disability Integration

Litify and Assure Disability have partnered to deliver the most efficient way to manage SSD cases. The custom integration allows you to access your favorite Assure Disability features, including finding an independent SSA attorney or scheduling a hearing, right from Litify. Realize true end-to-end case management by managing and accessing your intakes, matters, tasks, and analytics from one interface.

Sync Saves Time, Reduces Errors

Tired of manually updating the status of your SSD hearings in your case management software? With our integration, status updates made in Assure Disability will automatically update in Litify.

Centralized Location Ensures Nothing Falls Through the Cracks

Having all of your data in one location means you can better manage your SSD cases. View the progress of each ongoing case, automate task management, see which employees are responsible for what tasks, and quickly identify bottlenecks.

Real-Time Analytics Provide a Comprehensive Look at Your Case Inventory

Leverage Litify’s real-time dashboards and reporting to get an accurate pulse on your case inventory and business. Quickly get a snapshot of your firm’s productivity, average case duration, results with specific judges and attorneys, attorney fees, and more.

Seamlessly Send and Save SSD Files

Leveraging Docrio, Litify’s document management and generation solution, request and send SSD case files through Assure Disability’s portal, then save them to the relevant matter in Litify.

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The Best SSD Network and Scheduling System Meets the Power of Litify

Stop toggling in and out of multiple software programs and windows. Assure Disability and Litify offer the ultimate package for SSD attorneys that will allow you to manage the lifecycle of your SSD cases, from intake to resolution, all in one integrated platform.

Assure Sync to Litify

Access your favorite Assure Disability features in Litify. SSD hearing status updates made in Assure Disability automatically reflect in Litify.

Simplified Scheduling

Reduce travel costs and headaches. From Litify, launch Assure Disability to schedule multiple SSD hearings in hard-to-reach areas, ensuring you make the most of every trip.

Attorney Network

Can’t get to your hearing? Find a qualified, independent SSD attorney using Assure Disability’s network. Then track that case like any other in Litify.

Integrated Document Management

Save all SSD case files to the relevant matter in Litify. With Docrio, you can easily generate new documents from templates, and find the right files every time with our advanced search functionality.