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Tap into the power of the Salesforce ecosystem. The AppExchange has thousands of applications built just for Salesforce users, taking the headache and hassle out of the integration process. Like the app store for your phone, it has many of the popular programs you already rely on.

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We’ve partnered with leading legal technology companies to offer the most seamless software experience imaginable. Access everything you need to run your department or law firm from Litify, with custom features that will make your team more efficient.

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Leverage Litify’s open architecture to connect to all your other business-critical applications and data. Simple API connections allow you to sync all of your tools together, resulting in more accurate analytics and efficient workflows. The sky is the limit–you can even build your own apps on our platform.

Custom Integrations


Text, call, video conference, and engage with team members and clients over a reliable and secure network that’s equipped with AI technology and advanced analytics.


Vonage provides unified communications, contact centers, and programmable communications APIs on the world’s most flexible cloud communications platform.

Assure Disability

Assure Disability simplifies the SSA disability hearing process by streamlining scheduling and offering a network of independent SSA lawyers in markets otherwise difficult to reach.


Crafted to deliver relevant court rules, deadlines, and other vital information, CalenderRules helps manage caseloads and events.


iManage helps law firms improve productivity, governance, and security throughout the creation, sharing, and storage of critical documents and files.


With Lexitas’ Automated Records Collection, law firms can automate the request and receipt of medical records, eliminate time-consuming data entry, and ultimately prepare more demands faster.


NetDocuments is a document management system that lives in the applications you use every day, like Outlook, Microsoft Office, and your internet browser.


SeeUnity helps law firms streamline their content processes by synchronizing Salesforce with their document management, file-sharing, and collaboration systems.


Mighty’s free Litify integration lets the medical providers, funders, and other parties your law firm works with access a portal to see the status of cases they have interests in, saving you countless time.


Docufree offers large-volume document scanning, cloud-based document management, and intelligent process automation, with the ability to automate invoice processing and customer communications.


Chrometa solves the age-old timekeeping dilemma for billing professionals. The app runs in the background and records your billable time, without the hassle of manual timers and note-taking.


LawGro MagicTime captures every billable minute accurately and automatically using AI, giving lawyers the ability to file their timesheets in just a few clicks.


Quickbooks handles the heavy-lifting associated with all things accounting. From expenses to payroll to payments and everything in between, financials are easily managed and collected.


Accounting Seed is an out-of-the-box financial solution. Automatically sync your data, access your account from anywhere, and track KPIs with dashboards—all under a secure platform.


DBSync is a leading provider for integration services for both cloud/SaaS-based on-demand applications and on-premise applications.


CallRail provides in-depth tracking and analytics for calling and web traffic that allows users to identify which ads, keywords, and digital campaigns are the most successful.

SMS Magic

No coding needed here: SMS Magic easily integrates with Litify. With automated case creation and routing, teams are able to quickly and efficiently engage with leads where they live: their phones.


AssureSign offers secure document e-signature services, so clients can review and sign important legal documents, financials, and more without needing to be in the office.


ReleasePoint enables you to securely request and exchange medical records. With Litify’s integration, you can access clinical analytics to improve workflow processes and predict trends.

LCS Record Retrieval

LCS Record Retrieval (Legal Copy Services, Inc.) provides fast and cost-effective solutions for your record retrieval needs. By using state-of-the-art technology and customized service, we are able to retrieve requested records with exceptional speed and accuracy.


YoCierge is a premium provider of record retrieval and information security services for law firms, insurance companies, and private individuals.

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